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18 - Channel Gamma Buffer with Regulator

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Part Details
  • 18 Precision Gamma Reference Outputs
  • Mask-programmable Gamma Resistors:
    0.2% Resolution and 0.1% Accuracy
  • Mask-programmable Voltage Regulator:
    0.4% Accuracy
  • Upper 9 Buffers Swing to VDD
  • Lower 9 Buffers Swing to GND
  • Single-supply Operation: 7.5 V to 16.5 V
  • Gamma Current Drive: 15 mA per Channel
  • Peak Output Current: 150 mA
  • Output Voltage Stable under Load Conditions
  • Pin-to-pin Compatible with ADD8709
  • 48-lead, Pb-free LQFP and LFCSP
Additional Details
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The ADD8708 is an 18-channel integrated gamma reference for use in high resolution LCD TV and monitors panels. The out-put buffers feature high current drive and low offset voltage to provide an accurate and stable gamma curve. The top nine channels swing to VDD; the lower nine channels swing to GND.

Integrating the gamma setup resistors drastically reduces the external component count while increasing the gamma curve accuracy. To accommodate multiple column drivers and panel architectures, the ADD8708 is mask programmable to a 0.2% resolution using the on-chip 500 resistor string. The tap points are externally accessible for easy testing of alternative gamma curves. An on-board voltage regulator provides a fixed input for the resistor string, isolating the gamma curve from the supply ripple.

The ADD8708 is specified over the temperature range of –40°C to +105°C and comes in both a 48-lead, Pb-free, lead-frame chip-scale package and a Pb-free, low-profile, quad flat package.

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