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Wide Bandwidth, Fast Settling Operational Amplifier

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Part Details
  • Complete Overdrive Protection
  • Ultrastable Unity Gain Bandwidth (100MHz)
  • Bandwidth Is Independent of Gain Settings
  • Low Distortion (THD: -59dBc @ 20MHz
  • 18ns Settling to 0.1%
  • Excellent DC Specifications
  • Available Processed to MIL-STD 883
  • Low Power Dissipation (630mW)
Additional Details
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The AD9610 is a fast settling, wide bandwidth, dc coupled, operational amplifier which combines superior dc specifications and exceptional dynamic performance with impeccable spectral purity (harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, noise, etc.) over the full bandwidth. This combination provides remarkable versatility and utility for high speed designers.


  • Driving Flash Converters
  • High Speed DAC I/V Converters
  • Radar, IF Processors
  • Broadband, Digital Radio
  • Photodiode Preamps (FLIR)
  • ATE/Pulse Generators
  • Imaging/Display Drivers
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