16-Channel, 12-Bit nanoDAC+ with 2 ppm/°C Voltage Reference Temperature Coefficient, SPI Interface

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Info: : PRODUCTION tooltip
Info: : PRODUCTION tooltip
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  • High performance
    • High relative accuracy (INL): ±1 LSB maximum at 12 bits
    • TUE: ±0.14% of FSR maximum
    • Offset error: ±1.5 mV maximum
    • Gain error: ±0.06% of FSR maximum
    • Low drift, 2.5 V voltage reference temperature coefficient: 2 ppm/°C typical
    • 40 mA short-circuit current
  • Wide operating ranges
    • −40°C to +125°C temperature range
    • 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply range
  • Simplified implementation
    • User selectable gain of 1 or 2 (GAIN pin)
    • 1.8 V logic compatibility
  • 50 MHz serial peripheral interface (SPI) with readback or daisy chain
  • 28-lead, 4 mm × 4 mm, RoHS compliant LFCSP
Additional Details
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The AD5674/AD5674R/AD5679/AD5679R are low power, 16-channel, 12-/16-bit, buffered voltage output, digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that include a 2.5 V, 2 ppm/°C internal reference (enabled by default), and a gain select pin, resulting in a full-scale output of 2.5 V (gain = 1) or 5 V (gain = 2). The devices operate from a single, 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply range and are guaranteed monotonic by design. The AD5674/AD5674R/AD5679/AD5679R are available in a 28-lead lead frame chip scale package (LFCSP) and incorporate a power-on reset (POR) circuit that ensures that the DAC outputs power up to and remains at zero-scale or midscale until a valid write. The AD5674/AD5674R/AD5679/AD5679R contain a power-down mode that reduces the current consumption to 2 μA typical.

Product Highlights

  1. High channel density: 16 channels in 4 mm × 4 mm LFCSP.
  2. High relative accuracy (integral nonlinearity (INL)) ±4 LSB maximum.
  3. Low drift, 2.5 V, on-chip reference.


  • Optical transceivers
  • Base station power amplifiers
  • Process control (programmable logic controller (PLC) input/output cards)
  • Industrial automation
  • Data acquisition systems
Part Models 2
1ku List Price Starting From $10.71

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Software & Part Ecosystem

Software & Part Ecosystem

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Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kits 1

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AD5679R/AD5679/AD5674R/AD5674 Evaluation Board



AD5679R/AD5679/AD5674R/AD5674 Evaluation Board

AD5679R/AD5679/AD5674R/AD5674 Evaluation Board

Features and Benefits

  • Full featured evaluation board for the AD5679R
  • Various link options
  • PC control in conjunction with the Analog Devices, Inc., SDP board

Product Detail

This user guide details the operation of the EVAL-AD5679RSDZ for the AD5679R 16-bit, 16-channel, voltage output, digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

The EVAL-AD5679RSDZ allows users to quickly prototype AD5679R circuits and reduce design time. The AD5679R operates from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply range. The AD5679R incorporates an internal 2.5 V reference to give an output voltage of 2.5 V or 5 V.

The EVAL-AD5679RSDZ interfaces to the USB port of a PC via a system demonstration platform (SDP-B) board. The Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) software is available for download from the EVAL-AD5679RSDZ product page to use with the evaluation board to allow the user to program the AD5679R. A peripheral module interface (PMOD) connection is also available to allow the connection of microcontrollers to the evaluation board without the SDP-B board. When a microcontroller is used through the PMOD connection, the SDP-B board must be disconnected, and the user is unable to operate the ACE software.

The EVAL-AD5679RSDZ is compatible with any Analog Devices, Inc., SDP-B board, which can be purchased separately. A typical connection between the EVAL-AD5679RSDZ and the SDP-B controller board is shown in Figure 1.

For full details, see the AD5679R data sheet, which must be used in conjunction with this user guide when using the EVAL-AD5679RSDZ.

EVAL-AD5679RSDZ is compatible with all models of the AD5674/AD5674R/AD5679/AD5679R.

Tools & Simulations

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LTspice® is a powerful, fast and free simulation software, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of analog circuits.

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