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High Accuracy Data Acquisition Instrumentation Amplifier

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Part Details
  • Low Drift: 2.0µV/° C (AD522B)
  • Low Nonlinearity: 0.005% (G = 100)
  • High CMRR: >110dB (G = 1000)
  • Low Noise: 1.5µV p-p (0.1 to 100Hz)
  • Low Initial VOS: 100µV (AD522B)
  • Single-Resistor Gain Programmable: 1≤G≤1000
  • Output Reference and Sense Terminals
  • Data Guard for Improving ac CMR
  • Internally Compensated
  • No External Components except
  • Gain Resistor
  • Active Trimmed Offset, Gain, and CMR
Additional Details
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The AD522 is a precision IC instrumentation amplifier designed for data acquisition applications requiring high accuracy under worst-case operating conditions. An outstanding combination of high linearity, high common mode rejection, low voltage drift, and low noise makes the AD522 suitable for use in many 12-bit data acquisition systems.

An instrumentation amplifier is usually employed as a bridge amplifier for resistance transducers (thermistors, strain gages, etc.) found in process control, instrumentation, data processing, and medical testing. The operating environment is frequently characterized by low signal-to-noise levels, fluctuating temperatures , unbalanced input impedances, and remote location which hinders recalibration.

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