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The AD1862 is a monolithic 20-bit digital audio DAC. Each device provides a 20-bit DAC, 20-bit serial-to-parallel input register and voltage reference. The digital portion of the AD1862 is fabricated with CMOS logic elements that are provided by Analog Devices' BiMOS II process. The analog portion of the AD1862 is fabricated with bipolar and MOS devices as well as thin-film resistors.

New design, layout and packaging techniques all combine to produce extrememly high-performance audio playback. The design of the AD1862 incorporates a digital offset circuit which improves low-level distortion performance. Low-stress packaging techniques are used to minimize stress-induced parametric shifts. Stress-sensitive circuit elements are located in die areas whaich are least affected by packaging stress. Laser-timming of initial linearity error affords extremely low total harmonic distortion. Output glitch is also small, contributing to the overall high level of performance.

The noise performance of the AD1862 is excellent. When used with the recommended two external noise-reduction capacitors, it achieves 120 dB signal-to-noise ratio.

The serial input port consists of the clock, data and latch enable pins. A serial 20-bit, 2s complement data word is clocked into the DAC, MSB first, by the external data clock. A latch-enable signal transfers the input word from the internal serial input register to the DAC input register. The data clock can function at 17 MHz, allowing 16 x Fs operation. The serial input port is compatible with second-generation digital filter chips for consumer audio products such as the NPC SM5813 and SM5818.

The AD1862 operates with ±5V to ±12V supplies for the digital power supplies and ±12V supplies for the analog supplies. The digital and analog supplies can be separated for reduced digital crosstalk. Separate analog and digital common pins are also provided. The AD1862 typically dissipates less than 300 mW.

The AD1862 is packaged in a 16-pin plastic DIP. The operating range is guaranteed to be -25 ° C to +70 ° C.

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