The IO-Link® interface simplifies communication to smart sensors and actuators, combining signaling with power-over-cable technology. It has become one of the key devices as industrial automation systems are growing more interconnected and intelligent to accommodate demands for centralized control and optimized production. Analog Devices implements both device PHY and master PHY interfaces (COM1/COM2/COM3). Designing with harsh industrial environments in mind, the master 4-port IO-Link power and communications interface, as well as the IO-Link transceivers featuring Integrated Step-Down Regulators and LDO with ±60V cable interface protection provide the required ruggedness. Optimum EMC performance is achieved with adjustable current limit and slew rate transmitters. Automatic wake-up request (WURQ) generation and an output supply current boosting capability for device startup are also available. Additional components integrate a 300 mA step-down (buck) regulator and a 150 mA LDO to supply all the power required for internal electronics in an connected sensor or actuator.
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