Industrial Ethernet Platform Solutions

ADI’s Industrial Ethernet platform solutions are complete network interface solutions designed to provide device connectivity for a large range of industrial, instrumentation, and other equipment. These solutions include both a physical layer and data link layer that manage the industrial protocol and network traffic for a host processor. ADI Chronous network interface solutions are complete communications subsystems that enable quick and simple inclusion of Industrial Ethernet connectivity to any end system.

Why Select a Pre-Tested Platform?

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Our Industrial Ethernet platform solutions are pre-tested and certified for conformance to the Industrial Ethernet Protocol vendor’s test standards. This provides you with reassurance that a design using ADI’s solution will operate problem-free on any supported Industrial Ethernet network. This ensures your development work is simplified and your time to market reduced.

Technology Overview

The Industrial Ethernet platform solutions contain all the technology needed to participate in star, line, or ring network topologies, including the communications controller, Flash, RAM, Ethernet switch, and PHYs. They come complete with multiprotocol software solutions enabling one hardware design to be used across all end systems with different software images to support different industrial protocols. A host processor connects to the network interface through ADI’s unified interface via an Ethernet, SPI, or UART connection. The unified interface simplifies communication to any host controllers and provides one common interface to support all protocol stacks. This ensures you can achieve multiprotocol connectivity without the need for any change to the application host code, removing the design burden of software integration.

One Solution, Two Paths to Market

The ADI Chronous network interface solution comes as two options enabling optimization by end application need.

Small circuit board with multiple microchips

Complete Module—Plug and Play Solution

Our modules are complete, production tested solutions housed in a single package. They can be soldered directly to any PCB for a simple system design (no need to design a full 8-layer PCB just to include the module), reducing cost and development burden. Our modules contain all necessary components such as host processor, Ethernet switches and physical layer devices, power management, and passives to form a complete plug and play solution.

Eval board schematic and digital board layout

Embedded Reference Design—Design and Play Solution

To enable board space optimization, ADI provides the option of integrating our proven embedded reference design directly into a larger system PCB. This reference design comes complete with a proven and verified schematic, layout recommendation, and detailed BOM.

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Multiprotocol Software Solutions

Both our modules and the embedded reference design come complete with multiprotocol software, meaning no software development is needed. That includes EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT with ModBus, and PowerLink (coming soon). The software scales seamlessly from the module to the reference design, meaning you can easily migrate hardware implementations without requiring any software changes.

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The unified interface is a common software interface provided to all Industrial Ethernet protocols supported, removing the need for any changes to the application host processor code if the protocol is updated or changed. Software is provided as firmware that is downloaded to the flash memory.

Software is provided via the ADI Chronous Portal and is free to use with either embedded reference designs or modules. There are no license fees or royalties.

Key Products

The modules and embedded reference designs leverages ADI’s leading industrial switch and PHY technology.



2 Port Real-Time Ethernet Switch

Illustration of ADIN1200 microchip


Low Power & Latency, 10 Mbps/100 Mbps PHY

Illustration of ADSP-CM409 microchip


Mixed-Signal Control Processor with Arm® Cortex®-M4 and 16-Bit ADCs