Automotive Interfaces (CAN, Audio)

Automotive interfaces deliver sound and data throughout the car to combine connectivity with mobility. ADI’s portfolio of automotive interface products encompass communication signaling that utilizes both the CAN (controller area network) protocol and A2B® (Automotive Audio Bus®) technology. Isolated CAN with iCoupler® digital isolation features integrated isoPower® and signal-only transceivers in an SOIC form factor or a complete galvanically isolated µModule® (micromodule) transceiver—both with options that support CAN FD (flexible data rate). ADI’s A2B-enabled digital audio systems distribute high fidelity audio along with control data, clock, and power over a single, unshielded, low cost twisted-pair wire. The A2B automotive interface delivers high fidelity audio while significantly reducing the weight of existing cable harnesses for improved vehicle fuel efficiency and a better, greener, more dynamic automotive experience. A2B devices meet all relevant automotive interface ESD, EMI, and EMC requirements, and are fully AEC-Q100 qualified.