Banner graphic image shows a female techology worker in a factory setting reviewing technical data on tablet device.
Graphic image shows a female techology worker in a factory setting reviewing technical data on tablet device.



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electronica 2022

Industrial technology is rapidly digitizing, combining sensing, connectivity, and data into insights to enable a new level of efficient, sustainable, and personalized manufacturing. Demonstrations featuring condition-based monitoring, advanced motion control, seamless edge-to-cloud connectivity, and efficient power management are only a sample of the ways Analog Devices’ technologies are building a more sustainable industrial future.

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Digital Factory—Empowering Factory Floors by Unlocking the Intelligent Edge

See how ADI is enabling the complete digitalization of industrial automation by delivering actionable insights from intelligent edge devices. Gather key measurement data and new insights from field instruments and factory sensors, by combining long reach 10BASE-T1L Ethernet and IO-Link technology with software configurable analog I/Os.


Industrial Robotics—Flexible Manufacturing through Intelligent Sensing and Control

Safe and autonomous robots make modular manufacturing and personalized output a reality. This demo features a dynamic working robot that identifies and picks objects with an optimized end-effector tool. See how high accuracy depth sensing combined with gesture detection enables pinpoint robot accuracy and safety.


Intelligent Buildings—Actionable Insights for a Sustainable Future

This building automation demo showcases the impact of building digitalization on long-term sustainability by enabling efficient, centralized control of all types of building assets. Create a smart, sustainable building with superior smoke detection, facial recognition access control, voice-activated blind control, and long-range Ethernet security cameras. See how legacy and new flexible communication systems can coexist for optimum retrofitting.

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Flexible Automation with Software Configurable I/O

Flexibility in manufacturing is a cornerstone of Industry 4.0. This Software Configurable I/O demo automatically configures itself according to the connected loads (sensor or actuator).

Protect the Intelligent Edge with IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity of industrial automated control systems (IACS) is increasingly important, especially for critical infrastructure such as water treatment facilities as well as power generation and distribution sites. Discover how ADI’s security solutions help follow IEC 62443 and protect sensors and actuators from nefarious cyberattacks at the edge in a water treatment facility.

Wireless Conditioning Monitoring of Industrial Assets for Extended Lifetime and Increased Productivity

Installing wired connections to monitor critical assets isn’t always feasible. This demo showcases technologies to bridge the divide wirelessly, including a triaxial measurement and battery-free, energy harvesting sensor. Also featured is high resolution surface crack detection using carbon nanotube sensing.

Energy Efficient, Precise Temperature Control System

Precision and dynamic temperature control is central to accurate processing, efficient energy management and reduced waste. Witness this ADI precision TEC controller, capable of sourcing and syncing up to 26 A, while consistently providing precise temperature control.

Using Systematic Capability to achieve a SIL 3, Redundant, Analog Output Channel

The ADFS5758 SIL 2/SC 3 certified DAC simplifies system level IEC 61508 funtional safety designs. Here we are showing how its diagnostic features can be shared to achieve SIL 3 and High Availability using a 1oo2D architecture.

Protected USB Data Streams for Robust Industrial Connectivity

Protect your data with a fully integrated high speed USB isolation solution designed to operate in the harshest of industrial environments.

Efficient Industrial Power with Low EMI Silent Switcher µModule Regulator

Don’t trade off efficiency due to EMI concerns. Eliminate the threats from EMI generation with magnetic cancellation technology from ADI. This demo showcases the advantages of Silent Switcher® µModule® regulators over conventional power solutions, including efficiency, EMI performance, and space savings.

Intelligently Powered Lighting for Smart Offices

This demo shows the benefits of the smart office of the future by leveraging the ease and convenience of a multichannel power over Ethernet (PoE) system with ADI’s latest IEEE 802.3at/bt-compliant power sourcing equipment (PSE) platform chipset. The chipset controls 48 power channels with a single digital controller to individually and simultaneously power 48 separate devices. Its Ethernet Alliance (EA) Gen 2 PoE certification enhances the user experience, providing proven interoperability with IEEE powered devices (PD). This system emulates an IoT office of the future, where PoE LED lighting enables reliable and intelligent lighting control for a whole building. The benefits of a smart office include energy and installation savings, streamlined business operations, and an increased workplace safety for employees.

Extended Operational Lifetime of Battery-Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Optimize water consumption using a battery-powered EM flow meter design implemented with ADI’s high performance, precision analog measurement technology.

Intelligent Linear Motion Control for Fast and Accurate Positioning

Using precision sensing, signal conditioning, and control, this demo features an inverted pendulum application to showcase high speed, high performance motion control, featuring ADI Trinamic technology.

Accurate, Mobile Object Dimensioning Using Time of Flight Technology

This demonstration applies advanced, high resolution 3D imaging to critical logistics applications by precisely assessing the size of boxes, a capability necessary to better automate the transportation of large objects with varying dimensions.

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Personalized Low Latency Hardware in the Loop (HiL) Solution

This demo features ADI’s hardware in the loop (HiL) in a low latency precision development kit. This kit with its precision and low latency attributes enables the emulation of real-world signals. The more closely a hardware in the loop system can emulate the real world, the more accurately the device under test can be validated including transient fault conditions and other dynamic behaviors. Come see how you can shorten design times on these custom analog front end modules for HiL, automotive test, impedance measurement, source/measurement instruments, and lock-in amplifier systems.

Measuring Tilt on Dynamic Industrial Platforms

This demo shows how customers can leverage ADI’s high performance tactical-grade inertial measurement units (IMUs), to implement robust and environmentally aware dynamic inclinometers. ADI’s pre-calibrated IMUs offer a simple platform to develop robust inclination sensing for a variety of applications including for industrial machinery like construction, agriculture, excavation, marine, and others where precise pitch and roll are required in the face of challenging conditions.

Intelligent Instrument Grade mmWave Signal Chain for 5G Test Systems

See our demonstration of a high performance mmWave test system that enables rapid evaluation and deployment in 5G (FR1 and FR2) and Wi-Fi 6 and 7. The system supports RF carriers up to 55 GHz with a single LO generator board and demonstrates instrument-grade EVM performance (–40 dB) using ADI’s latest RF sampling mixed-signal front-end (MxFE®) converters and widest bandwidth RF front-end components.

Accelerating Test Capability and System Productivity with ADI’s DC to mmWave MEMS Switch Technology

MEMS technology improves capacity, capability, and reliability in production test environments. This demo shows how to maximize test productivity and leading RF bandwidth using the ADGM1001 DC to 34 GHz SPDT MEMS switch.

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Automotive Demos

Discover the future of automotive technology. From audio, voice, Ethernet, and display solutions for the in-cabin environment to battery solutions for electric vehicles, a human-centric approach to innovation will deliver more immersive experiences for occupants and a more sustainable planet for future generations.

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Consumer, Communications and Other Demos

Discover how we are supporting our customers to develop ground-breaking consumer devices that help redefine the way people work, live, and engage. Our consumer wall showcases a selection of market-leading products breaking the boundaries of what’s possible and delighting customers beyond expectation.

Graphic image shows a female nurse reviewing medical data on a tablet and on a large screen TV panel.

Healthcare Demos

See how we are working with our customers to transform the future of healthcare into one that is digitized and decentralized, making care more accessible and affordable for all. Demonstrations showing clinical-grade wearables, in-bed vital monitoring, and fitness-based power meters are just a small showcase of the many ways Analog Devices' technologies are positively impacting people’s everyday lives.