Seamlessly Extend I2C or SPI Interfaces to Distances up to 1.2km

See how Analog Devices’ serial extenders allow multiple I2C or SPI interfaced devices to be located long distances, up to 1.2km, away from their controller while simplifying the remote node design. Unlike traditional intelligent remote node solutions which require using a processor, UART and field-bus transceivers, the serial extender solution includes a robust field-bus transceiver and does not require a remote processor or special code which can shrink the remote node size, reduces cost and accelerates the development timeline.

The extenders support a return interrupt channel from the remote peripheral to controller and include a link status indicator. For SPI applications, 3 chip selects allow multiple remote peripherals. For I2C applications, address sharing, idle detection and stuck bus protection are supported. The extension is achieved using a robust link consisting of either 1 (I2C) or 2 (SPI) twisted pairs with 60V overvoltage fault and IEC level 4 ESD and EFT protection.