Class S Pre-certified Power Quality Monitoring Solution

The video will show the ADE9430 Power Quality eval board and the impact of 2 of its measurements:

  • The first one is looking at the power quality difference in voltage between a clean input signal from a good inverter, and a noisy signal from a bad inverter. This is easily identifiable with the GUI showing the THD and harmonics, when we switch from the clean to the dirty signal, multiple harmonics are increasing, and the THD is now high, potentially causing important operational issues.
  • The second one is looking at the power quality difference in current between different loads. 3 different light bulbs have been used for that, a normal incandescent light bulb used as a resistive load, a dimmable light bulb to introduce chopped waveforms, and an LED light bulb to show narrow spike light bulbs. There is a different harmonics signature for these loads and can be compared to the incoming 50Hz AC signal.