Condition Monitoring Sensor with Single Pair Ethernet Connectivity

Analog Devices has released industry’s 1st 10Base-T1L MAC-PHY, the ADIN1110 which is a single pair ethernet transceiver with embedded MAC. This enables 10Mbit full Ethernet connectivity, with power and data over only 2 wires, up to a distance of 1km, in a 6x6mm LFCSP package. The sensor interface is SPI which enables the use of small, low-cost, low-power processors without an integrated MAC.

This demo shows Analog Devices' Galileo solution, which highlights the use of the ADIN1110 in a machine health application. In the demo a low power triaxial MEMS vibration sensor, the ADXL359, is Ethernet-enabled using a small embedded micro and the ADIN1110 to deliver high quality asset health history and IP addressability.