CN0549 New Condition-Based Monitoring Platform from ADI

Circuit Note 0549, also known as CN0549, is a new condition-based monitoring platform from Analog Devices designed to help accelerate system design of hardware, software and data algorithms. CN0549 is a complete MEMS based development platform that provides a mechanically secure wide bandwidth accelerometer vibration sensor with a robust data acquisition solution. MEMS compatibility is offered on the platform by use of the IEPE legacy industry interface for easy two wire communication.

The ADXL1002, a 50g 11KHz accelerometer, is paired with an analog devices data capture solution to gather high fidelity vibration data. Open-source embedded software streams data directly to Matlab and python-based analysis tools for real-time processing of machine learning algorithm development for predictive maintenance servicing.

The flexibility of this platform allows sensor and system level engineers to accelerate their product development to get their solutions to market faster. CN0549 leverages Analog Devices deep domain expertise across MEMS sensing, signal processing, power management, software and systems design. This allows our customers to extract more value out of their condition-based monitoring solutions with access to high quality wide bandwidth digital vibration data for their custom analytics development.

The key benefits of this platform include:

  • Wide bandwidth, DC to 11KHz MEMS vibration sensor
  • Compatibility with existing two-wire IEPE interfaces
  • Mechanically secure sensor mounting cube
  • High fidelity measurement system
  • Embedded gateway for data processing
  • Easy connectivity to data analytics tools to better predict failures, maintenance and potential equipment down time.