ADI Listn™: Audio Signal Processing Software Solutions

Analog Devices understands that an immersive, in-cabin, audio experience is one of the primary differentiators in purchasing a car. From infotainment to hands-free communication, with a person or with a machine (think “Siri”, “Alexa,” or “OK Google”), ADI has utilized its sophisticated IP to develop ADI LISTN™—a portfolio of high performance, microphone audio signal processing software solutions that fulfill the highest automotive industry standards.

With a matured IP equipped on millions of cars on the road, this dependable software solution is easy to integrate and tune, and thus gets you to market faster.

All ADI LISTN software solutions are available as building blocks in SigmaStudio® and as libraries for integration with CrossCore® Embedded Studio™ (CCES), on ADI SHARC® DSPs, or on any tool chain as required for compiling on a third-party CPU or SoC - giving customers the freedom to choose their preferred system architecture.