Simultaneously Digitize Eight High-Voltage Arbitrary Swing Signals

Many common monitoring and control applications require multiple analog input signals to be simultaneously sampled and digitized, preserving time-domain correlation and frequency-domain phase relationships between the signals in the digital domain. The LTC2348-18 is designed specifically for these applications. The device simultaneously samples eight channels of high-voltage input signals and digitizes them using a high-performance 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It offers superb linearity, noise, DC precision, common-mode rejection ratio, and active crosstalk while converting all channels at 200ksps per channel throughput. Beyond raw performance, the LTC2348-18 is designed to be flexible and easy to use. The IN+/IN- analog input pairs are differential with wide common mode range. Simply translated, the IN+ and IN- pins are allowed to swing with an arbitrary relationship to each other. To visualize the benefit in your application, you can picture using the converter to measure time-varying voltage differences between any two points in your system in much the same way you use a standard benchtop voltmeter to measure DC voltage differences. This can greatly simplify the signal conditioning required between your signals and the converter. Other features include independent SoftSpan control of each channel’s analog input range on a conversion-by-conversion basis, and pin-selectable SPI CMOS and LVDS serial I/O interface options to ease integration with your existing digital system.