60V LED Driver with Internal 4A Switch for Automotive Lighting (LT3952)

LED lighting is an important feature in today’s and future automobile designs. LED lighting is efficient, robust, attractive, and artistic. LED lighting is used in many different ways in a vehicle, namely high and low beam headlights, daytime running lights, signal lighting, brake lights, dashboard displays, heads up displays, and other interior and exterior lighting of growing variety. LED drivers that can properly drive the strings with accuracy, efficiency and reliability are needed in these designs. A variety of power levels and other features such as brightness control and reduced EMI are needed for these applications as well.

The LT3952 is a versatile 60V LED driver that is easy to use in different DC/DC converter topologies. It has a powerful 4A internal low-side MOSFET that helps deliver up to 25W from a typical car battery and even higher power in some cases. It can be used as a step-up converter for up to 54V of LEDs or it can be used as a step-up and step-down converter and power a string of LEDs with voltage that is within the wide automotive LED string range. Our high-end PWM dimming provides accurate and deep brightness control to the LEDs. Short-circuit and open LED string protection and diagnostics make this a robust and highly useful step-up, step-down, or step-up and step-down LED driver.

The LT3952 features pseudorandom spread spectrum that can be used to reduce average EMI without causing flicker during PWM dimming. It can also be configured in a patent- pending boost-buck topology for low input and output ripple and reduced EMI in step-up and step-down applications. It is a versatile, powerful, and robust LED driver IC for use in many automotive LED driver applications.