Digital Power System Management on the Altera Cyclone V SoC Development Board

Multi-rail systems such as the ones that use the Altera Cyclone V SoC FPGA for example, call for multiple supplies that need to be easily managed. Being able to monitor and control the power system provides more opportunity to build-in more precise protection, diagnostic and monitoring mechanisms that are otherwise more difficult and costly to implement in a purely analog power supply. The Altera Cyclone V SoC Development Board utilizes two on board LTC2978 Octal Digital Power Supply Managers that allow for voltage and current Monitoring & Control, as well as Power Up & Power Down Sequencing, and Fault Logging. To learn about additional features of the LTC2978 and other Power System Management devices. The LTC2978s on the Cyclone V SoC Development Board can be accessed using the DC1613A I2C/SMBUS/PMBUS Controller, and LtpowerPlay GUI via the on board 12-pin header. This video will show how to get up and running with LtpowerPlay for quick and easy access to the two LTC2978s controlling and monitoring power consumption of the voltage rails on the Altera Cyclone V SoC FPGA Development Board.