Isolated RS485 Transceiver with Power in One Small Package - LTM2881

The benefits of galvanic isolation extend beyond safety and protection from dangerous voltages to provide error-free communication in the presence of high edge rate transients, noise and high common mode voltage that would otherwise render a non-isolated network inoperative.

The new Isolator μModule Technology from Analog Devices provides a complete power and data isolation solution in one small 11.25mm × 15mm × 2.8mm surfacemount package. The LTM2881 incorporates a robust isolated RS485 transceiver and an isolated DC/DC converter capable of delivering up to 1W of power for the transceiver and auxiliary circuits. The module requires no external components—even the decoupling capacitors and an electrically switchable network termination resistor are built in. The ease of use and a small footprint make it more appealing than ever to design isolation into an RS485 network at every communication node.