Features & Benefits

The HTG-937 provides access to large FPGA gate density and 8GB/16GB of high bandwidth memory. It is populated with the Xilinx Zynq Virtex Ultrascale VU37P, or VU47P. Analog Devices power solution on this platform is fully validated to meet the requirements of Xilinx Zynq Virtex Ultrascale FPGAs to ensure a robust power delivery solution.

DC/DC μModule regulators are used on the HTG-937 to power Xilinx FPGA and/or SoC rails as well as other system rails. These regulators are highly integrated solutions with built in controller, power FETs, inductors, and capacitors that simplify layout and provide robust power delivery performance.

We provide supporting documentation including power schematics, layout, LTpowerPlanner and applicable LTpowerPlay configuration files to enable you to validate the power solution for your application seamlessly.

Circuit Description

Analog devices provides accurate, reliable and a validated power system solution for HiTech Global using Xilinx VirtexUltrascale+

Rail/Function Part Number(s) Description
0.85V: FPGA Core LTM4700 Dual 50A or Single µModule regulator with Digital Power Management System
1.8V: FPGA Auxiliary LTM4625 20Vin5A Step-Down DC/DC µModule (Power module) regulator
LTM4638 20Vin 15A sStep-Down µModule Regulator
3.3V: FPGA IO LTM4620A Dual 13A or single 26A µModule regulator
1.8V: GTYL_AUX, GTYR_AUX LT3070 5A, Low Noise Programable output 85mV Drop Out Linear Regularor
Housekeeping system power and power management LTC2977 8-Channel PMBus Power System Manager featuring Accurate Output Voltage Measurement
Clock for μModule Regulators LTC6902 Multiphase Oscillator with Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation

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