Product Details

The ADF7020 evaluation board software controls the operation of the ADF7020 evaluation boards from a PC over a USB . Install the ADF7020 evaluation software by clicking on "ADF7xxx_ADIismLINK Install_*.exe" at the link provided. The software will be available under Programs → Analog Devices → ADF7xxx . The Analog Devices example network protocol software, ADIismLINK Rev2.0, is also installed as part of this setup file: Programs → Analog Devices → ADIismLINK V2 Host Application.

ADF7020 schematic and BOM are included in the Evaluation Board User Guide.

Getting Started

ADF7020 Evaluation Board User Guide is installed with the software.

System Requirements

  • Eval-ADF70XXMBZ2 mother board required to work with the Eval-ADF7020DBx daughter board.
  • Evaluation software is compatible with Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7.


Code Examples

6 kB
ADF7xxx Device Driver Codes - Blackfin
Provides the c code source files allowing configuration using the ADSP-BF53X, Blackfin DSP processor. Routines to write the configuration values are provided as well as routines allowing a simple RF link to be setup between two ADF7020 devices. Please refer to application note AN-771 for details on the hardware connections.
15 kB
ADF7xxx Device Driver Codes - Microconverter
Provides the c code source files allowing configuration using an 8052 based microcontroller. Routines in this file will have to be adapted depending on the MCU and compiler used. This version uses the ADuC845/ADUC847 Microconverter from Analog Devices. The code was developed using the Keil C51 compiler within their uVision IDE.

Evaluation Software

25403 kB
ADF70xx Evaluation Software
The most up-to-date ADF70xx software download is bundled with all documentation, including schematics, for the ADF70xx family of transceivers. Layout can be found in the gerber files under the documentation tab.

Design Tools

ADIsimSRD Design Studio
Analog Devices ADIsimSRD Design Studio is a very powerful tool allowing real-time simulation and optimization of many of the parameters in a typical wireless system using the ADF7xxx family of transceivers and transmitters.


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