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The AD9161, AD9162, AD9163, and AD9164 evaluation boards are all FMC form-factor boards with FMC connector that complies to the Vita 57.1 standard. There are three variants of the board (-FMC, -FMCB, -FMCC) that accommodate slightly different Bills of Material (BOMs).

  • The -FMC boards are designed for the 8x8mm package variant of the AD9162 and AD9164 and use a Marki Microwave wideband balun on the DAC output.
  • The -FMCB boards are designed for the same 8x8mm package variant of the AD9162 and AD9164, and use a Mini-Circuits balun on the DAC output.
  • The -FMCC boards are designed for the 11x11mm package variant and accommodates all four of the AD9161, AD9162, AD9163, and AD9164. It also uses a Mini-Circuits balun on the DAC output.

To operate the evaluation boards, the user must attach the board to a compatible FMC carrier board, such as those provided by FPGA vendors. Analog Devices produces an FPGA carrier called the ADS7-V2, which serves as a digital pattern generator or data source as well as the power supply for the boards. The AD9162 and AD9164 boards have an option to be powered from a lab power supply when used in a special NCO-only mode. This operation is described in more detail in the User's Guide. The user must be able to observe the DAC output on a spectrum analyzer. A low noise clock source is provided on the evaluations boards, the ADF4355 PLL, and an option exists for the user to supply a low jitter external sine or square wave clock as a clock source instead. The evaluation board comes with software, called ACE, which allows the user to program the SPI port. Via the SPI port, the DUT (and clock circuitry) can be programmed into any of its various operating modes.

Documentation and software updates for using High-Speed DAC Evaluation Boards are included in individual, self-extracting update files.

Evaluation Boards Differences

The differences between the AD9161, AD9162, AD9163, and AD9164 FMC boards are the DAC, package, and its output Balun are shown in the User Guide. For example, the AD916x-FMCx-EBZ uses the Marki BAL-0009SMG and the AD916x-FMCB-EBZ uses the Mini-Circuits TC1-1-43A+.

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Package Contents

  • AD9162-FMC-EBZ, AD9162-FMCB-EBZ, AD9161-FMCC-EBZ, AD9162-FMCC-EBZ, AD9163-FMCC-EBZ, AD9164-FMCB-EBZ, AD9164-FMCC-EBZ, or AD9164-FMC-EBZ Evaluation Board(1)(2)
  • Mini USB cable
  • Evaluation Board DVD

(1) The differences between these boards can be found in the boards difference section.
(2) (2) This user’s guide is for all the AD9161/ AD9162/ AD9163/ AD9164 FMC evaluation boards


Code Examples

API library for the AD916x family of 11-Bit/16-Bit, 12 GSPS, RF Digital-to-Analog Converters 

ACE Software

1.8 MB
ACE plugin for Board.AD9162 1.2019.20300 [May 21 19]
Plug-in for evaluating the AD9164, AD9163, AD9162, AD9161 high-speed DACs. This plug-in supports all the AD916x-FMCy-EBZ family of evaluation boards.
47.8 MB
ACE Installer Software 1.14.2775.1216 [Aug 19 19]
Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software. Requires internet access. Run this executable to install ACE onto your computer. Required before installing the plug-in(s) above. Once ACE is installed, double-click on the plug-in package to install the plug-in.

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