Product Details

This evaluation board is obsolete and no longer recommended. The replacement board is the DC2792B.

Demonstration circuit DC2792A is an SPI serial to dual-port isoSPI adapter that uses a pair of multiplexed LTC6820 isoSPI transceivers. The board can replace a DC1941 in cases where isoSPI battery-management (BMS) devices are being evaluated, but provides a second isoSPI master to exercise the reversible isoSPI feature where available. The SPI interface can be provided via the legacy 14-contact ribbon cable from either a DC590 or DC2026 USB adapter, or directly installed on the DC2026 as a Linduino ‘shield’. The two isoSPI ports are MAIN and AUXiliary, with activity of each indicated by blue LEDs. For use in place of DC1941, the MAIN port must be used. Power for the DC2792A comes indirectly from the USB port of the host computer, via the USB to serial adapter being used.

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