Smart Factory: IO-Link Master

IO-Link® is at the heart of the manufacturing revolution, with the IO-Link master as an intrinsic piece, bringing intelligence to the edge with its ability to transform traditional sensors into smart ones. The traditional strategy of setting up dedicated manufacturing lines to accommodate an array of different products has become outdated and financially ineffectual. IO-Link can help manufacturers bring their factories into the modern era without gutting and replacing their equipment. The IO-Link master acts as the brains of the operation, bringing flexibility and configurability to the factory floor, enabling self-commissioning sensors and actuators.

IO-Link Paves the Way for Industry 4.0

In the manufacturing environment, all manufactured products require an array of sensors working in unison to help machines determine distance to an object, detect the object, identify colors and composition of an object, as well as to monitor the temperature and pressure of an object or liquid. Now, consider the amount of time and cost in sending a technician to the factory floor to manually change a sensor and recalibrate it to the correct parameters necessary to manufacture a single product. This inefficiency significantly impacts the manufacturing flow and represents an overall loss of productivity.

Scale this up to an entire manufacturing line producing a variety of different products, then the time required to shut down production and change or reconfigure numerous sensors is the single most costly expense that a manufacturing line can incur. IO-Link transforms sensors and actuators, making them self-commissioning and enabling bidirectional communication, further optimizing the production line and streamlining the manufacturing flow.

Benefits of IO-Link Master

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Bring Intelligence to the Edge

The IO-Link master provides high speed, bidirectional, digital data communication out to sensors and actuators at the very edge of the factory floor. This communication enables truly smart sensors as well as actuators and opens the door for new ways to measure, monitor, and influence every phase of the manufacturing line.

Simplify Installation and Interface

IO-Link utilizes a standardized interface that can replace traditional analog, binary, and serial RS232 interfaces with a convenient M12, 3-pin connection. In addition to the physical simplification of installation, IO-Link allows users to swap and replace sensors quickly and easily by enabling self-commissioning devices with automatic parameter setting.

Reduce Factory Downtime

IO-Link adds bidirectional communication abilities that keep sensors, actuators, and IO-Link gateways in constant communication with the main PLC. Real-time diagnostic information and updates allow engineers to identify and quickly address problems before they impact manufacturing flow.

Simplify Ethernet Connectivity

To connect the IO-Link master to Ethernet, the RapID Platform Generation 2 (RPG2), our Industrial Ethernet platform solution, is pretested and certified for conformance to the Industrial Ethernet protocol vendor’s test standards. You can rest assured that a design using Analog Devices’ solution will operate problem-free on any supported Industrial Ethernet network, resulting in simplified development and reduced time to market.

IO Link Master—MAX14819 Dual IO-Link Master Transceiver with Integrated Framers and L+ Supply Controllers

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The MAX14819/MAX14819A are low power, dual-channel, IO-Link master transceivers with sensor/actuator power supply controllers. These are fully compliant with the latest IO-Link and binary input standards and test specifications. In order to simplify the selection of microcontroller, the MAX14819/MAX14819A feature frame handlers with UARTs and FIFOs and can be configured to operate either with external UARTs or utilizing the integrated framer. Additionally, they are equipped with two auxiliary digital input channels, two low power sensor supply controllers, and reverse polarity protection to enable the most robust and low power solutions.

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Uplink—ADIN2299 RapID Platform Generation 2 (RPG2) Network Interface

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RPG2 is an Industrial Ethernet platform solution that contains all the technology needed to participate in star, line, or ring network topologies, including the communications controller, Flash, RAM, Ethernet switch, and PHYs. It comes complete with multiprotocol software solutions enabling one hardware design to be used across all end systems with different software images to support different industrial protocols.

A host processor connects to the network interface through ADI’s unified interface via an Ethernet, SPI, or UART connection. The unified interface simplifies communication to any host controllers and provides one common interface to support all protocol stacks. This ensures you can achieve multiprotocol connectivity without the need for any change to the application host code, removing the design burden of software integration.

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