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Analog Devices’ battery management technologies enable longer device run times and fast, safe charging for the smart home. Our ModelGauge m5 fuel gauge algorithm provides the highest accuracy state-of-charge reporting with no need for battery characterization. ADI’s USB Type-C chargers offer single-chip solutions with backward compatibility to legacy USB systems. AccuCharge technology integrates the fuel gauge into the charger to improve charging accuracy and simplify charge management.

ADI’s power management solutions optimize power and size for internet of things (IoT)-connected devices. Our DC-to-DC converters offer the highest power density, extremely low quiescent current, and the highest efficiency across the entire load range. Options for multirail/multiphase outputs and small packaging provide flexible solutions for smart home designs.

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Improve Lifetime of Your Small Battery Driven IoT System

How to choose the right battery and leverage Ohm’s law for longer life and smaller size in battery-powered IoT systems.

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Spread the Word: This is the Power of Silence

Sudden changes in power requirement can require PCB layout changes. Learn how ADI’s integrated power solution allows you to reconfigure your power specs on the fly for multi-cell battery applications while staying out of the audible frequency range.

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EMI vs. Power Consumption in Portable Equipment

Battery power solutions that balance power consumption and noise reduction in portable equipment with low EMI tolerance, such as audio/video equipment and data-sensing or processing devices.

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Take Charge of Battery Charging with AccuCharge Technology

As rechargeable batteries become more and more prevalent in personal electronic devices, see how ADI’s novel AccuCharge technology can help ensure safe charging, comprehensive protection, and the most accurate fuel gauging.

Featured Technical Article

Accurate Fuel Gauging

Accurate Fuel Gauging Without Battery Characterization

ModelGauge m5 EZ fuel gauge configuration is an innovative, adaptive fuel-gauging approach, delivering the most accurate fuel-gauge performance across many different battery chemistries, capacities, and charge voltages.

Featured Reference Design

MAXREFDES179# reference design board silkscreen

MAXREFDES179 Reference Design Board

27 W USB-C PD fast-charger, fuel-gauge, and protection solution for 2S Li+ batteries. (MAX77958, MAX17320)

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