MEMS Safety & Security

ADI has pioneered solutions for automotive airbag, stability, security, and suspension systems for more than 20 years. Our extensive experience in designing crash sensors enables us to define next-generation sensors for airbag Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and satellite modules, as well as high-performance gyros and low-g accelerometers for Electronic Stability Control (ESC). ADI’s products allow you to create next-generation systems that offer consumers the highest level of safety. All of our automotive products are qualified to the strictest automotive guidelines (AEC-Q100) to ensure the highest reliability in the field.

With the advent of autonomous vehicles, ADI is expanding its market focus to include high-performance Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) targeted at self-driving vehicles. ADI’s high-performance IMUs will continuously monitor the autonomous vehicles of the future, enabling navigation through areas such as tunnels where GPS signals do not penetrate or ensuring that on-board Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are calibrated and aligned for optimal performance.

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