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      When we talk about sustainability in the automotive space, it’s often with respect to fuel, but there is much more to this movement than the shift toward electric vehicles. Whether the car of the future runs on gas, electricity, or something we haven’t figured out yet, it’s certain that in-cabin, software-defined technologies that command the human senses will impact vehicle efficiency and life cycle. Hear what experts from Jaguar and Harman have to say in this panel discussion led by Analog Devices’ Yasmine King, VP of Automotive Cabin Experience.

      Featured Participants:

      • Yasmine King, VP of Automotive Cabin Experience, Analog Devices, Inc.
      • David Nesbitt, Director of Digital Product Platform, Jaguar Land Rover
      • Darby Hadley, Chief Engineer, Audio Infotainment, Harman

      Featured Video Segments:

      Enabling Advanced Consumer Experiences in the Vehicle

      Panelists discuss the car as a platform that must be established as a true device in the consumer’s digital ecosystem, as well as providing a harmonious user experience through seamless integration of the physical and digital worlds.

      Software-Defined Vehicles: Delivering Long-Term Benefits to Consumers

      Most consumers don’t replace their car every time a new model comes out. Therefore, automakers must build flexibility to keep vehicles relevant for longer. The panel discusses software-defined vehicles as a future-proof approach.

      Innovations In In-Cabin Technology to Accelerate Sustainability

      Software-defined vehicles combine on-board, edge, and cloud data to help vehicles run more efficiently. By reducing system complexity, designers can reduce, reuse, and recycle to enable modular upgrades as an alternative to total replacement.