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      According to a recent poll from, an amazing 70% of millennials consider infotainment technology a “must-have feature” when purchasing a new car. Automakers realize this and are acting accordingly with personalization features that go way beyond standard safety and comfort. Consumers are demanding that their in-cabin experience mirrors the technology in their homes. So, digital assistants and personal audio zones are now adding new levels of digitization and personalization to an in-cabin experience.

      Beyond this, over-the-air updates will become standard as the role of software grows within the vehicle. Challenges will result in trying to ensure adherence to the highest levels of accuracy, security, and authentication.

      Learn more about this fascinating, timely topic from Andy McLean, Analog Devices’ VP of Automotive Cabin Experience, as he answers questions that will help us realize the true immersive, in-cabin experience of the future.

      Featured Participants:

      • Andy McLean, VP of Automotive Cabin Experience, Analog Devices
      • Peter Campbell, Global Motor Industry Correspondent, Financial Times

      Featured Video Segments:

      Customizable Features for In-Cabin Experience

      The world of infinite customization options might not be as far-fetched as you think. The day is coming when you will have the ability to pick and choose only those features you like for navigation, music, safety, etc.

      Challenges of Hardware Limitations for In-Cabin Experience

      The software/hardware conundrum: with all these software features for personalization in store for the vehicle of the future, to what level are these benefits contingent upon hardware updates/capabilities?

      Potential Long-Term Changes for In-Cabin Experience

      Explore how the future looks for the immersive, personalized in-cabin experience—from 360-degree screens to personal audio zones to private conversations for front and rear passengers.