Battery Management Systems (BMS)

A battery management system (BMS) closely monitors and manages the state of charge and state of health of a multicell battery string. For large, high voltage battery packs, such as in an electric vehicle, accurate monitoring of each individual battery cell and the overall pack parameters is critical for achieving maximum usable capacity, while ensuring safe and reliable operation. The quality of the battery management system directly impacts the miles per charge an EV can deliver, maximizes the batteries overall lifetime, and as a result lowers the cost of ownership.

Longevity and the Battery Management System

As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, the industry is demanding increased performance from technology providers. Our battery management systems deliver best-in-class voltage and current measurement to drive innovation in EVs.

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High Voltage Battery Stack Management

Combining Precision Cell Voltage Measurements via LTC6810, LTC6811 and LTC6813 with Synchronous Stack Voltage and Current Measurements via LTC2949 on a Single isoSPI Bus with Fault Tolerant Communication.

Vehicle Range and Charge Capacity

Vehicle Range and Charge Capacity

ADI's outstanding BMS measures accuracy whether the cells are charging or discharging, which allows the vehicle to charge more fully and discharge more completely. Simply put, BMS maximizes the usable capacity—key to maximizing vehicle range, cost, weight, and size.

Vehicle Safety and Reliability

Vehicle Safety and Reliability

Overcharging and over-discharging cells can lead to damage, resulting in battery fires, capacity reduction or reduced lifetime. Analog Devices’ BMS devices address safety and reliability concerns by providing measurements that ensure each cell is functioning within a constrained operating range.

Signal Chains


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