Autonomous Transportation & ADAS

ADI is a major automotive system technology partner for next-generation ADAS & Autonomous Driving applications. ADI has pioneered solutions for automotive airbag, stability, and rollover systems for more than 20 years, with ADI sensors found in one-quarter of vehicle airbag systems today. Similarly, a 15-year history in 24GHz and 77GHz Automotive RADAR has led to the incorporation of ADI technology into a high level of Automotive RADAR modules in recent development. ADI is also expanding its MEMS technologies to focus on high-performance Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) targeted at self-driving vehicles. Heavy investment and R&D in LIDAR round out the Drive360™ Autonomous Driving Solutions portfolio at ADI.


From protective safety to predictive safety, ADI delivers innovation.

The Drive360™ suite of technologies leverage ADI’s core competencies in high performance MEMS, RF/mmWave, and photonics/optics technologies, allowing ADI to provide the automotive industry with holistic solutions and be a dedicated partner for highly automated and autonomous driving technology needs.

The Deepest Expertise and the Broadest Portfolio in the RF Industry

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The Deepest Expertise and the Broadest Portfolio in the RF Industry