ADAS & Safety

Cockpit of autonomous car with heads up display and digital speedometer

Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is a suite of automotive technologies designed to augment sensory awareness and enhance the safety of the driving experience, with functions such as parking assistance, braking assistance, lane positioning, and collision avoidance. Sensor fusion and advanced processing from camera, radar, and LIDAR systems provide accurate event detection, driver alerts, and semi-autonomous intervention.

ADAS capabilities are enabled by a plethora of sensors deployed across the car, which are networked to I/O modules, actuators, and controllers throughout the automobile. All these additional intelligence, networking, and control are enabled by phenomenal advances in sensing, connectivity, processing, and cloud computing. These technologies crystallize in the electronic control unit (ECU) at the center of the car electronics architecture. High end cars require close to a hundred ECUs, each taking power from the car battery with the intermediation of on-board converters. Each ECU is dedicated to a specific function and incorporates power regulation, a processing unit (MCU), and the means to receive data from sensors, drive actuators, and display information.

Smart car loaded with ADAS sensors

Today’s ADAS require higher power in smaller solution footprints as well as high speed links, complex interconnects, and data integrity. Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) offers high efficiency, low noise automotive power solutions that minimize external components, while our Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) products enable varied ADAS architectures with a high bandwidth, scalable, safety ready portfolio. ADI’s feature-rich products reduce design complexity and size while offering various levels of automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) capability to satisfy heightened levels of safety requirements.

Key applications include:

  • Camera systems
  • Emergency vehicle detection systems
  • Radar & LIDAR systems
  • Electric vehicle warning sound systems (EVWSS)
  • Driver monitoring systems (DMS)
  • ADAS & safety ECUs
Autonomous car with sensors leaving parking space while avoiding vehicles on the road
Cameras are a key element of the ADAS sensor toolset

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