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Precision Wide Bandwidth Solutions

Precision wide bandwidth signal chains bring the insight and flexibility needed to optimize application-specific parameters for measurement and drive solutions. While ensuring the necessary accuracy, this fast-sampling rate signal chain is ideal for considerations between AC and DC precision, and has the required bandwidth for measurement or signal generation (DC to 1 MHz). With Analog Devices’ products, you can easily create a wide range of solutions that meet your most important specifications, whether that is measurement noise (SNR), DC linearity, settling time performance, closed loop or measurement latency, or total harmonic distortion (THD).


Value and Benefits

Our precision wide bandwidth signal chains offer curated solutions that combine precision amplifiers, voltage references, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), circuit protection, and isolation products, allowing system designers to confidently build solutions that optimize for precision and speed.

Our solutions provide the ability to tweak specifications ranging from step size to signal amplitude. This is beneficial for applications ranging from hardware in the loop (HiL) and non-destructive test to the light intensity precision needed for a scanning electron microscope (SEM) or flow cytometry, where speeds above 100kHz and SNR >85dB are required. We offer signal chains for measuring wide bandwidths up to 1 MHz optimized for noise performance to support AC and DC analysis.

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Optimizes your circuit with quick feedback

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Enables signal speeds above 100kHz

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Provides excellent SNR, above 85dB


用于测量高达1 MHz的宽带宽的信号链选项,针对噪声性能进行了优化,以支持交流和/或直流分析

Current and voltage measurement circuit



Current and voltage drive circuit





Light measurement circuit

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