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On-demand training on Embedded Processors and DSPs.

Webcast: Targeting Analog Devices Blackfin and SHARC processors from MATLAB

The Mathworks Today many signal processing and control algorithms developed in MATLAB and Simulink are implemented on Analog Devices Blackfin® and SHARC® processors.

In this webcast, MathWorks and Analog Devices' engineers will demonstrate how a signal processing design, using an audio parametric equalizer as an example, can be designed in MATLAB and Simulink, tested through simulation, implemented on a Blackfin processor, and interactively tuned in real-time from a MATLAB GUI using the processor's Background Telemetry Channel (BTC).

Duration: 1 hour
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Webcast: Analog Devices' SHARC ADSP-2146x Processors

Learn about the newest member of Analog Devices' SHARC family, the ADSP-2146X. The family offers improved computing performance\power metrics, enhanced memory options and code flexibility and optimization. The ADSP-2146X doubles the MIPS performance of the ADSP-2136X family and comes with a robust peripheral set designed to enable a wide range of industrial applications. Sponsored by Avnet

Join Satya Simha, Senior Product Marketing Manager for SHARC DSP Products at Analog Devices Inc., for a detailed overview of the new ADSP-2146X family of SHARC DSPs including:

  • SHARC processor portfolio overview
  • ADSP-2146x features and benefits
    • - Improved computing power/performance
    • - Enhanced memory
    • - Accelerator architecture
    • - Code optimization and flexibility
    • - New peripherals
  • Device selection
  • CROSSCORE® development tools

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Webcast: Advantages of SHARC Processors in Test/Measurement Applications

Analog Devices SHARC® processors offer best-in-class performance for the given power and cost, creating a vast range of advantages in different industrial environments where performance is critical. With a powerful engine for FFT and signal analysis and wide dynamic range processing for complex computation, SHARC processors are ideal for optimizing test and measurement applications such as lab test equipment and power and process control systems. Sponsored by Avnet

Join David Miller, Applications Engineering Manager at Analog Devices, for a webcast covering the following topics:

  • The Harvard Architecture
  • SIMD core
  • Memory architecture and I/O bandwidth
  • Mathematics – filters and FFT
  • Performance and capacities
  • Extensive network of partners
  • CROSSCORE® and VisualDSP++® development tools

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Webcast: SHARC Processor Family: Highest Performance Floating Point Processor under $30

The SHARC® Processor family makes floating point processing economical in applications where dynamic range is a key consideration such as home and car audio, medical, industrial and instrumentation. Sponsored by Avnet

Join David Miller, Applications Engineering Manager at Analog Devices, for a webcast covering the following topics:

  • SHARC floating-point product portfolio
  • Features, benefits and market-specific advantages
  • Performance and integration levels
  • ADI and third-party audio algorithm libraries
  • CROSSCORE® development tools

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1-Day Seminars and Workshops
Workshops and seminars for those who want to evaluate the capabilities of ADI's high-performance embedded processors and development tools.

European ADI Embedded Processors Workshop by Silica
Sponsored by Silica Analog Devices' distributor Silica (an Avnet Company) offers a pan European ADI Embedded Processors Workshop series. With dates in Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium, engineers are invited to attend these workshops to get the latest information on ADI Embedded Processor offerings, including the Blackfin Processor-based Silica FireCracker Reference Design.

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: Free
Location Date
Berlin, Germany 9 Sept 2009
Braunschweig, Germany 10 Sept 2009
Bilbao, Spain 29 Sept 2009
Barcelona, Spain 30 Sept 2009
Torino, Italy 6 Oct 2009
Padova, Italy 17 Nov 2009
Modena, Italy 18 Nov 2009
Breda, Netherlands 9 Dec 2009
Brussels, Belgium 10 Dec 2009

For full information, regional agendas and to register, visit the Silica website.


SHARC系统开发与编程 (ADSP-21368/9和ADSP-21375)
教您如何利用SHARC®处理器ADSP-21368/9和ADSP-21375高效完成设计。学员还将使用最新的VisualDSP++开发工具(含汇编和C语言)进行动手练习。由经过ADI公司培训的Kaztek Engineering专家讲授。课程详情

时间: 3天半
语言: 英语
$1500 USD(北美)/ $1850 USD(欧洲)- 确认/取消决定日期之前缴费
$1595 USD(北美)/ $1975 USD(欧洲)- 确认/取消决定日期之后缴费

注意: 确认/取消决定日期为短训班开始日期前三周。
地点 日期 注册  
Munich, Germany 27-30 Oct 2009 立即注册
Munich, Germany 1-4 Dec 2009 立即注册

可根据需求开办其它SHARC处理器多日短训班。若需要所有短训班的列表,请访问 Kaztek Engineering网站

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