Multi-Day Workshops
In-depth technical training designed to develop a strong working knowledge of embedded processors and development tools through lecture and hands-on exercises.

SHARC System Development and Programming (ADSP-21368/9 & ADSP-21375)
Teaches you how to efficiently design with the ADSP-21368/9 and ADSP-21375 SHARC® processors. Hands-on training is provided, using the latest VisualDSP++ development tools (with both assembly and 'C' programming languages). Presented by Kaztek Engineering's ADI-trained instructors. Detailed course description.

Duration: 3 1/2 Day
Language: English
Register early and save 6% on the workshop fee:
$1500 USD (North America) / $1850 USD (Europe) - If paid on or before the Run/Cancel Decision Date
$1595 USD (North America) / $1975 USD (Europe) - If paid after the Run/Cancel Decision Date

Note: Run/Cancel Decision Date is 3 weeks prior to workshop date.
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Additional Multi-Day SHARC Processor workshops are available by request. Visit Kaztek Engineering's website for a listing of all workshops.

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