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The AD7396/AD7397 series of dual, pin-compatible, 12- and 10-bit voltage-output digital-to-analog converters save power while operating from +3 V to +5 V supplies. A unique feature of the high-input-resistance, reference inputs is the ability to tie VREF to VDD establishing a full 0 to VDD DAC output swing. Operation is guaranteed over the supply voltage range of +2.7 V to +5.5 V making these devices ideal for battery-operated applications.

A 12-bit wide latch loads with a 45 ns write time allowing interface to fast processors without wait states. The double-buffered input structure enables pre-load of the input registers one at a time, then a single load strobe tied to both LDA+LDB inputs will update both DAC outputs simultaneously. Additionally, an asynchronous RS input sets the output to zero-scale at power on or upon user demand. Power shutdown to sub microamp levels is directly controlled by the active low SHDN pin. While in the power shutdown state register data can still be changed even though the output buffer is in an open circuit state. Upon return to the normal operating state the latest data loaded in the DAC register will establish the output voltage.

Both parts are offered in the same pin out to allow users to select the amount of resolution appropriate for their applications without circuit card changes. Primary applications for the AD7396/AD7397 include: automotive sensor voltage generation and calibration, portable communications, PC peripherals and digitally controlled calibration.

The AD7396 and AD7397 are specified for operation over the extended industrial (-40°C to +85°C) temperature range. The AD7397AN and AD7397AR are specified for the -40°C to +125°C automotive temperature range. AD7396s and AD7397s are available in plastic DIP, and 24-lead SOIC packages. The AD7397ARU is available for ultra-compact applications for example, PCMCIA cards, in a thin 1.1mm height TSSOP-24 package.

The AD7396 and AD7397 are members of a complete family of Micropower consumption, single/dual/quad D/A converters (AD7390 … AD7398) available with both serial or parallel data loading.


  • Micropower 100µA/DAC
  • 0.1 µA Typical Power Shutdown
  • Compact 1.1 mm Height TSSOP-24 Lead Package
  • Single-Supply +2.7 V to +5.5 V Operation
  • AD7396/12-Bit Resolution
    AD7397/10-Bit Resolution
  • 0.9 LSB Differential Nonlinearity Error


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AD7396/AD7397: 3 V, Parallel Input Dual 12-Bit /10-Bit DACs Data Sheet  (Rev 0, 09/2002) (pdf, 226 kB) Технические описания PDF
Digital to Analog Converters ICs Solutions Bulletin  (pdf) Техническая периодика PDF
RAQs index Rarely Asked Questions HTML
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