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AD8321:  Gain Programmable CATV Line Driver

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The AD8321 is a low cost digitally controlled variable gain amplifier optimized for coaxial line driving applications such as cable modems that are designed to the DOCSIS* (upstream) standard. An 8-bit serial word determines the desired output gain over a 53.4 dB range, resulting in gain changes of 0.75 dB/LSB.

The AD8321 is packaged in a low cost 20-lead SOIC, operates from a single +9 V supply, and has an operational temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

An evaluation board is available for this product and may be ordered using the following product number: AD8321-EVAL. Schematic and layout for this evaluation board is contained in the product datasheet.


  • Linear in dB Gain Response Over >53 dB Range
  • Drives Low Distortion >11 dBm Signal into 75 Ω Load: –53 dBc SFDR at 42 MHz
  • Very Low Output Noise Level
  • Maintains Constant 75 Ω Output Impedance
    Power-Up and Power-Down Condition
    No Line Transformer Required
  • Upper Bandwidth:
    235 MHz (Min Gain)
  • 9 V Single Supply Operation
  • Power-Down Functionality
  • Supports SPI Interface
  • Low Cost

Functional Block Diagram for AD8321


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AD8321: Gain Programmable CATV Line Driver Data Sheet (Rev A, 06/2005) (pdf, 716 kB) Технические описания PDF
AN-851: A WiMax Double Downconversion IF Sampling Receiver Design  (pdf, 262 kB) Статьи по применению PDF
Design and Operation of Automatic Gain Control Loops for Receivers in Modern Communication Systems  (pdf, 129 kB) Обучение PDF
Variable Gain Amplifier Selection Table  (pdf, 68 kB) Product Selection Guide PDF
Leading Inside Advertorials: Solving Dynamic Range Problems in Analog Systems  (pdf, 75 kB) Обзор PDF
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