RMS to DC Converters

RMS is a fundamental measurement of an ac signal. RMS to DC converters manufactured by ADI are used in a wide variety of applications where precision, low power measurement of ac signal is the prime objective. An ADI RMS-to-DC converter offers 'real time' measurements, i.e. there are no latency issues such as those that limit the frequency response of other technologies - the dc output is simply the equivalent of the RMS input, over a wide range of input frequencies, and for complex waveforms not limited to sine-waves. ADI offers a wide range of RMS-DC converters optimized for the most demanding performance, power and cost applications satisfying True RMS needs.

A brief introduction on the technology and its applications, please refer to the on line multimedia module Introduction to Analog RMS-to-DC Technology: Converters and Applications.

For more detailed design and applications information, please see our RMS to DC Converter Application Guide.


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RMS-to-DC Converters

Part# -3dB BandwidthMax Vin (V-rms)Error (%@ CF = 3)Supply CurrentV Span (min)V Span (max)Temp Range (°C)US Price 1000-4999
AD8436800KHz3V rms0.5300µA4.8V36V-40 to 125 $2.95
AD736170KHz1V rms0.7200µA6V33V-40 to 85 $4.29
AD737170KHz1V rms0.7160µA6V33V-40 to 85 $3.42
AD637600KHz10.6V rms0.13mA6V36V-55 to 125 $11.23
AD636900KHz8.5V rms-0.21mA5V33V0 to 70 $11.82
AD536A450KHz7V rms-0.12mA6V36V-55 to 125 $9.09
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