Tunable Filters

Analog Devices family of tunable filters includes programmable VGA, low-pass harmonic, band-pass, and band-reject portfolios to suit a large range of applications. Our devices offer an ideal filtering solution for communications, instrumentation, defense, medical, and other industries, with a flexible and robust feature set to meet the stringent demands of multiple designs.

All Tunable Filters

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SortOrderPart#RF Primary FunctionFreq Response RF (min)
Freq Response RF (max)
Gain (min)
Gain (max)
NF (typ)
OIP3 (typ)
Specified at Freq
Is (typ)
Vs (typ)
US Price 1000 to 4999
($ US)
1ADRF6520 Baseband Programmable VGA-Filters 0 1.25G -7 53 10.5- 500M 425m 3.3 $15.89
2ADRF6518 Baseband Programmable VGA-Filters, VGA 10M 1.1G -36 -66 16 36 30M 360m 3.3 $11.95
3HMC1023 Baseband Programmable VGA-Filters 5M 72M 0 10 10 30 20M 240m 5-
4HMC1044 Low Pass and Harmonic 0 3.025G--------
5ADRF6516 Baseband Programmable VGA-Filters, VGA 10M 31M -5 45 25 40 15M 360m 3.3 $10.30
6ADRF6510Reference Circuit Available Baseband Programmable VGA-Filters, VGA 10M 31M -5 45 28 27 15M 258m 5 $8.99
7HMC900 Baseband Programmable VGA-Filters 3.5M 50M 0 10 12 30 20M 130m 5-

Analog Filter Wizard Design Tool

Use the Analog Filter Wizard to design low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass filters with actual op amps in minutes. As you progress through the design process, you can observe the characteristics of your filter design from ideal specifications to real world circuit behavior. Quickly evaluate the tradeoffs in op amp specifications - including gain-bandwidth, noise, and supply current – to determine the best filter design for your requirements.

Analog Filter Wizard

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