Optical Data Path

Clock and Data Recovery/Retiming

ADI provides discrete rate, multirate, and continuous tuning clock and data recovery ICs for equipment designs including metro, long haul, DWDM, and FSO applications.

Laser Drivers

ADI’s laser diode driver ICs feature automatic dual-loop control of extinction ratio. Temperature calibration is unneeded for laser aging and degradation compensation.

Optical Limiting Amplifiers

ADI high gain, optical limiting amplifiers provide the receiver functions of quantization, loss of signal detection, and SFF-8472 compliant average power measurement.

Optical Transimpedance Amplifiers

Analog Devices optical transimpedance amplifiers offer a complete, high performance, single chip solution for converting photodiode current into a differential voltage input.

Photo Detector with Integrated Transimpedance Amplifiers

ADI optoelectronic amplifiers include a range of germanium photodiodes that have been monolithically integrated with silicon transimpedance amplifiers and limiting amplifiers.