Data Path Management

The ADI Data Path Management portfolio offers Data Path Signal Conditioners, Digital Crosspoint Switches, Level Translators, Serializer/Deserializer & Selector Muxes and Track/Hold Amplifiers for meeting the tight requirements of modern high data rate system. ADI's system solution focused products are easy to integrate to any signal chain with single supply usage while achieving low jitter, high output swing, fast rise/fall time.

Data Path Signal Conditioners

Signal Conditioners are designed for mitigating the effects of channel losses and dispersion. Signal Conditioners can be used in both the transmit and receive paths to improve the signal quality.

Digital Crosspoint Switches

ADI’s X-stream™ family of digital switches includes high speed crosspoint and 2:1 mux/demux switches, which are ideal for WDM, enterprise, and metro networking systems.

Level Translators

ADI’s level translators offer the most flexible level translation solutions in the industry. The ADG3308 series allows the industry widest 1.2 V to 5.5 V up or down translation.

Serializer/Deserializers & Selector Muxes

Serializer/Deserializers use both rising and falling edges of the clock to serialize the data from parallel inputs to serial output while demuxes deserialize the data from its serial input to parallel outputs.

Track and Hold Data

Track and hold amplifiers are used to expand the bandwidth and/or high-frequency linearity of high-speed A/D conversion and signal acquisition systems.