Analog Devices broadband products include broadband codecs that provide a highly integrated solution for various applications including broadband wireless, home networking, cable modems, and set top boxes and CATV amps/splitters. ADI also offers broadband products such as clock and data recovery/timing and digital crosspoint switches.

Broadband Amplifiers

ADI offers very low noise, high performance amplifiers, as well as line driver amplifiers for cable set top boxes, cable modems, xDSL modems, and xDSL central office line cards.


Clock and Data Recovery/Retiming

ADI provides single rate, multirate, and continuous tuning clock and data recovery ICs for equipment designs including metro, long haul, DWDM, and FSO applications.

Digital Crosspoint Switches

ADI’s X-stream™ family of digital switches includes high speed crosspoint and 2:1 mux/demux switches, which are ideal for WDM, enterprise, and metro networking systems.

IF/RF Receivers

Mixed Signal Front Ends (MxFE)

Mixed Signal Front-End (MxFE®) provide a highly integrated analog front end (AFE) solution for communications infrastructure, broadband wireless, home networking, cable modems, and set top boxes.

Video RF Splitters

ADI high performance active RF splitters enable the implementation of the most advanced cable modems and set top boxes on the market.