Specialty Amplifiers

Analog Devices offers a wide range of amplifiers for special functions and operations. From instrumentation to current sense, and differential to variable gain amplifiers, our wide portfolio of leading edge products sets more performance standards for next generation designs than anyone else in the market. Use our resources in reference designs (Circuits from the Lab®), design tools, tutorials, and application notes to help select the right amplifier and simplify your design.

CATV Line Drivers

ADI high performance CATV line drivers enable the implementation of the most advanced cable modems and set top boxes on the market.

Charge Integrator Amplifiers

Analog Devices’ charge integrator amplifiers convert the charge acquired by X-ray or photodiode detectors to a voltage. The channels use typical high input impedance CMOS gates.

Current Sense Amplifiers

Analog Devices’ current sense amplifiers offer excellent performance for a wide array of automotive and power management applications without sacrificing on cost and package size.

Difference Amplifiers

Analog Devices offers a range of difference amplifiers—special purpose amplifiers designed to measure a differential signal, otherwise known as a subtractor.

Industrial 4-20mA Driver

ADI’s industrial d/a converters and drivers provide a range of programmable output ranges from standard 4 mA to 20 mA for current loop communication to ±10 V for actuator control.

LVDT Sensor Amplifiers

ADI signal conditioning ICs, together with linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs), can be used to convert mechanical position to a dc voltage.

non-RMS Responding Power Detectors

Recognized as the pioneer and leader in RF detectors, ADI offers a broad portfolio of high performance logarithmic amplifiers and TruPwr™ rms detectors.

Optical Transimpedance Amplifiers

Analog Devices optical transimpedance amplifiers offer a complete, high performance, single chip solution for converting photodiode current into a differential voltage input.

Photo Detector with Integrated Transimpedance Amplifiers

ADI optoelectronic amplifiers include a range of germanium photodiodes that have been monolithically integrated with silicon transimpedance amplifiers and limiting amplifiers.

Power Monitors

Analog Devices’ power monitoring amplifiers provide an integrated solution for digital current and voltage measurement via an on-chip, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter.

Sample/Track and Hold Amplifiers

Analog Devices offers a portfolio of sample-and-hold amplifiers and track and hold amplifiers that combine speed with precision to acquire the signal you need.

Thermocouple Interface Amplifiers

Analog Devices offers specialized precision thermocouple interface amplifiers that provide a simple and effective solution for measuring thermocouple temperatures.

Video RF Splitters

ADI high performance video RF splitters and drivers enable the implementation of the most advanced cable modems and set top boxes on the market.

xDSL Line Drivers

Analog Devices xDSL line driver amplifiers provide industry-leading performance for cable set top boxes, cable modems, xDSL modems, and xDSL central office line cards.