Medium Power Amplifier Chip, 34 - 46.5 GHz

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The HMC1016 is a four stage GaAs PHEMT MMIC Medium Power Amplifier die which operates between 34 and 46.5 GHz. The amplifier provides 22 dB of gain, +26 dBm of saturated output power, and 17% PAE from a +6V supply. With up to +37 dBm IP3 the HMC1016 is ideal for high linearity applications in miltary and space as well as point-to-point and point-to-multi-point radios. The HMC1016 amplifier I/Os are internally matched facilitating integration into mutli-chip-modules (MCMs). All data shown herein was measured with the chip connected via two 0.025mm (1 mil) wire bonds of minimal length 0.31 mm (12 mils).


  • Point-to-Point Radios
  • Point-to-Multi-Point Radios
  • Military & Space


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