40 μA Micropower Instrumentation Amplifier in WLCSP Package

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Product Details

The AD8235 is the smallest and lowest power instrumentation amplifier in the industry. It is available in a 1.5 mm × 2.2 mm wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP). The AD8235 draws a maximum quiescent current of 40 μA. In addition, it draws a maximum 500 nA of current during shutdown mode, making it an excellent instrumentation amplifier for battery powered, portable applications.

The AD8235 can operate on supply voltages as low as 1.8 V. The input stage allows for wide rail-to-rail input voltage range without the crossover distortion, common in other designs. The rail-to-rail output enables easy interfacing to ADCs.

The AD8235 is an excellent choice for signal conditioning. Its low input bias current of 50 pA and high CMRR of 110 dB (G = 100) offer tremendous value for its size and low power.

It is specified over the extended industrial temperature range of −40°C to 125°C.


  • Medical instrumentation
  • Low-side current sense
  • Portable electronics