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ADXL362:  Micropower, 3-Axis, ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g Digital Output MEMS Accelerometer

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The ADXL362 is an ultralow power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer that consumes less than 2 μA at a 100 Hz output data rate and 270 nA when in motion triggered wake-up mode. Unlike accelerometers that use power duty cycling to achieve low power consumption, the ADXL362 does not alias input signals by undersampling; it samples the full bandwidth of the sensor at all data rates.

The ADXL362 always provides 12-bit output resolution; 8-bit formatted data is also provided for more efficient single-byte transfers when a lower resolution is sufficient. Measurement ranges of ±2 g, ±4 g, and ±8 g are available, with a resolution of 1 mg/LSB on the ±2 g range. For applications where a noise level lower than the normal 550 μg/√Hz of the ADXL362 is desired, either of two lower noise modes (down to 175 μg/√Hz typical) can be selected at minimal increase in supply current.

In addition to its ultralow power consumption, the ADXL362 has many features to enable true system level power reduction. It includes a deep multimode output FIFO, a built-in micropower temperature sensor, and several activity detection modes including adjustable threshold sleep and wake-up operation that can run as low as 270 nA at a 6 Hz (approximate) measurement rate. A pin output is provided to directly control an external switch when activity is detected, if desired. In addition, the ADXL362 has provisions for external control of sampling time and/or an external clock.

The ADXL362 operates on a wide 1.6 V to 3.5 V supply range, and can interface, if necessary, to a host operating on a separate, lower supply voltage. The ADXL362 is available in a 3 mm × 3.25 mm × 1.06 mm package.


  • Hearing aids
  • Home healthcare devices
  • Motion enabled power save switches
  • Wireless sensors
  • Motion enabled metering devices


  • Ultralow power
    -- Power can be derived from coin cell battery
    -- 1.8 μA @ 100 Hz ODR,
    2.0 V supply
    -- 3.0 μA @ 400 Hz ODR,
    2.0 V supply
    -- 270 nA motion activated wake-up mode
    -- 10 nA standby current
  • High resolution: 1 mg/LSB
  • Built-in features for system-level power savings:
    -- Adjustable threshold sleep/wake modes for motion activation
    -- See data sheet for additional features
  • Low noise down to
    175 μg/√Hz
  • Wide supply and I/O voltage ranges:
    1.6 V to 3.5 V
    -- Operates off 1.8 V to 3.3 V rails
  • Acceleration sample synchronization via external trigger
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • SPI digital interface
  • Measurement ranges selectable via SPI command
  • Small and thin 3 mm × 3.25 mm × 1.06 mm package
  • See ADXL362 product videos

Functional Block Diagram for ADXL362

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Other 3-axis, low-g, digital-output sensors include:

  • ADXL346: 3-Axis, ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g/±16 g Ultralow Power Digital Accelerometer
    Pin-compatible to ADXL362; 23µA to 140 µA current consumption

Power Comparison Chart

Power Comparison Chart


Title Content Type File Type
ADXL362: Micropower Three-Axis, ±2g/±4g/±8g Digital-Output MEMS Accelerometer Data Sheet (Rev C, 12/2014) (pdf, 939 kB) Data Sheets PDF
CN0274:Ultralow Power Standalone Motion Switch  (pdf, 253 kB) Circuit Note PDF
ADXL362 Nanopower, 3-Axis, MEMS Accelerometer
The ADXL362 consumes 2 μA @ 100 Hz in full measurement mode, and only 300 nA in motion sensing wake-up mode. In addition to its native low-power operation, the ADXL362 has additional features that enable system-level power efficiency.
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Vibration Immunity in Analog Devices MEMS Gyroscopes
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ADXL362: Enhanced Activity Detection for System-Level Power Savings
The ADXL362 low power MEMS accelerometer offers an enhanced activity detection function that distinguishes between different kinds of motion, eliminating false positives and preventing unnecessary turn-on events that cost additional battery life.
Videos HTML
ADXL362: Awake Status Output & Motion Activated Switch Function
Patent-pending Awake Status Output pin enables the ADXL362 to function as part of a continuously operational, motion-activated switch, turning system functions on/ off, bypassing the processor, and reducing system-level power consumption.
Videos HTML
ADXL362 Demo Video: Power Levels vs. Competition
The ADXL362 MEMS accelerometer uses 2 μA at a 100 Hz data rate -- 80% less power than competing devices at the same frequency, and only 300 nA in motion-activated wake-up mode -- 60% less current than the closest competing sensor.
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UG-351: Ultralow Power, ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g Digital Accelerometer Breakout Board  (pdf, 168 kB) User Guides PDF
Home is Where the Heart Is (positioning paper)  (pdf, 577 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Blackbox Biometrics testing ADI MEMS for Blast Gauge Monitor
EE Times, June 2012
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Soldier-worn sensor that measures the destructive power of explosives uses MEMS accelerometer from Analog Devices
Military & Aerospace Electronics, June 2012
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Design Tools,Models,Drivers & Software

Title Content Type File Type
ADXL362 Pmod Xilinx FPGA Reference Design FPGA HDL HTML
ADXL362 Input 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Linux Driver Device Drivers HTML
ADXL362 - No-OS Driver for Renesas Microcontroller Platforms Device Drivers HTML
ADXL362 - No-OS Driver for Microchip Microcontroller Platforms Device Drivers HTML
ADXL362 Sample C code and Header Files  (zip, 5 kB)
Use this code as a starting point for interfacing the ADXL362 with your choice of host processor.
Evaluation Software ZIP

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ADXL362 Model Options
Model Package Pins Temp.
Price*(100-499) Price*1000 pcs RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
ADXL362BCCZ-R2 Status: Production 16 ld LGA (3x3.25) 16 Ind Reel, 250 $5.10 $4.37 E  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
ADXL362BCCZ-RL Status: Production 16 ld LGA (3x3.25) 16 Ind Reel, 5000 - $3.97 E  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
ADXL362BCCZ-RL7 Status: Production 16 ld LGA (3x3.25) 16 Ind Reel, 1500 - $3.97 E  Material Info Notify Me Purchase Sample
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Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Development Kits
Model Description Price RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z Status: Production Evaluation Board $349.00 Yes -
EV-ADRN-WSN-2Z Status: Contact ADI Evaluation Board $349.00 Yes -
ADXL362 Breakout Board
Model Description Price RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
EVAL-ADXL362Z Status: Production Breakout Board $30.00 Yes -
Real Time Eval System for Digital Output Sensor
Model Description Price RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP Status: Production Real-time evaluation system: includes motherboard, satellite board, accelerometer, and all required cables $249.00 Yes -
EVAL-ADXL362Z-S Status: Production Satellite Board $150.00 Yes -
ADXL362 Datalogger / Development Board
Model Description Price RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
EVAL-ADXL362Z-DB Status: Production Ultra-Low Power Development Board $99.00 Yes -

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