High Speed D/A Converters (DAC)

High Speed D/A Converters (DAC) enable designers to implement high-performance transmit signal synthesis solutions with optimal cost, size, power, performance and reliability. Analog Devices has the industry’s largest portfolio high speed digital-to-analog converter products, including wideband radio frequency (RF), intermediate frequency (IF) signal processing and general purpose baseband classes, which are widely employed in wired and wireless communications, instrumentation, radar, electronic warfare and other applications.

ADI's portfolio of high speed D/A converter products range from 30 MSPS to multi- GSPS with resolutions ranging from 8 – 16 bits. Our D/A converters are fully supported with complete datasheets and evaluation boards to help reduce time-to-market and system design costs. These D/A converters are recommended for use with ADI’s clocking and timing products as well as RF products and power management to meet our customer’s most demanding applications.

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Part# DAC # Bits# DAC OutputsThroughput RateLogic CompatibilityDAC Input Data FormatDAC Output Uni or BipPower DissUS Price 1000-4999
AD91191115.6GSPSLVDSLVDS, Par-1.3W $49
AD91291415.6GSPSLVDSLVDS, ParUni1.3W $59
AD91421621.6GSPSLVDSLVDSUni1.8W $41.4
AD91461621.2GSPSCMOS, LVDSByte, LVDS, NibbleUni1.2W $29.95
AD9739A1412.5GSPSLVDSLVDS, ParUni960mW $43.69
AD91251621GSPSTTLParUni1.1W $30
AD91481641GSPSLVDSLVDS, ParUni3W $56.8
AD9122Reference Circuit Available1621.23GSPSCMOS, LVDSByte, LVDS, Nibble, ParBip, Uni, Uni/Bip1.1W $34.5
AD97391412.5GSPSLVDSLVDS, ParUni1.16W $43.69
AD97891412.4GSPSCMOS, LVDSLVDS, ParUni1.7W $53.1
AD9785122800MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni450mW $21.2
AD9787142800MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni/Bip450mW $26.26
AD9788Reference Circuit Available162800MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni450mW $30.31
AD9776A1221GSPSCMOSParUni/Bip300mW $20.19
AD9778A1421GSPSCMOSParUni300mW $25.25
AD9779AReference Circuit Available1621GSPSCMOSParUni300mW $29.3
AD97781421GSPSCMOSParUni/Bip300mW $25.25
AD97791621GSPSCMOSParUni300mW $29.3
AD97351211.2GSPSLVDSLVDS, SerUni550mW $20.19
AD97361411.2GSPSLVDSLVDS, SerUni550mW $35.37
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Baseband DACs

Part# Resolution (Bits)Throughput RateLogic CompatibilityDAC Input Data FormatDAC Output Uni or BipPower DissUS Price 1000-4999
AD56891663MSPSTTLSer, SPIUni3.9mW $4.18
AD91148125MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni/Bip232mW $5.95
AD911510125MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni/Bip220mW $6.9
AD911612125MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni220mW $8.75
AD9117Reference Circuit Available14125MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni220mW $9.5
AD97148125MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni86mW $5.95
AD971510125MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni86mW $6.9
AD971612125MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParBip, Uni, Uni/Bip- $8.75
AD971714125MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParBip, Uni, Uni/Bip35mW $9.5
AD978512800MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni450mW $21.2
AD978714800MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni/Bip450mW $26.26
AD9788Reference Circuit Available16800MSPSCMOS, TTL, TTL/CMOSParUni450mW $30.31
AD978012500MSPSLVDSLVDS, ParUni462.3mW $16.19
AD978114500MSPSLVDSLVDS, ParUni462.3mW $20.24
AD978316500MSPSLVDSLVDS, ParUni462.3mW $22.77
AD97418250MSPSTTL/CMOSParBip345mW $6.57
AD974310250MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni345mW $8.21
AD974512250MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni350mW $10.25
AD974614250MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni355mW $13.41
AD974716250MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni355mW $16.09
AD97048175MSPSCMOSParUni57mW $2.99
AD970510175MSPSCMOSParBip, Uni, Uni/Bip57mW $4.25
AD970612175MSPSCMOSParBip, Uni, Uni/Bip57mW $6.02
AD970714175MSPSCMOSParBip, Uni, Uni/Bip57mW $7.44
AD972616400MSPSLVDSLVDS, ParUni575mW $35.37
AD978616500MSPS-ParUni- $30.31
AD97488210MSPSCMOSParUni145mW $2.99
ADV7125Reference Circuit Available8330MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni485mW $2.89
AD974010210MSPSCMOSParUni145mW $4.25
AD974212210MSPSCMOSParUni145mW $6.02
AD974414210MSPSCMOSParUni145mW $7.44
AD977312160MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni410mW $22.92
AD977514400MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni410mW $31.28
AD977716400MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni410mW $34.41
AD975110300MSPSCMOSParUni165mW $18.06
AD975312300MSPSCMOSParUni165mW $29.07
AD975514300MSPSCMOSParUni165mW $35.92
AD9772A14160MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni272mW $15.13
AD97098125MSPSTTL/CMOSByte, ParUni450mW $4.55
AD976310125MSPSCMOSParUni450mW $6.07
AD976512125MSPSCMOSParUni450mW $10.63
AD976714125MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni450mW $12.14
AD975010125MSPSCMOSParUni230mW $4.5
AD975212125MSPSCMOSParUni220mW $6.07
AD975414125MSPSCMOSParUni220mW $7.54
ADV712710240MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni310mW $5.65
ADV712310330MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni485mW $3.61
AD97611040MSPSCMOSParUni250mW $8.8
AD976414125MSPSCMOSParUni170mW $7.94
AD97088125MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni175mW $3.19
AD976010125MSPSCMOSParUni175mW $5.01
AD976212125MSPSCMOSParUni160mW $6.17
AD7681630MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni600mW $19.49
ADV7120880MSPSTTL/CMOSParUni625mW $5.89
AD9760-501050MSPS-ParUni175mW $5.71
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  • AD9142A- Dual, 16-Bit, 1600 MSPS, TxDAC+ Digital-to-Analog Converter

    The AD9142A is a dual, 16-bit, high dynamic range digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that provides a sample rate of 1600 MSPS, permitting a multicarrier generation up to the Nyquist frequency. The AD9142A TxDAC+® includes features optimized for direct conversion transmit applications, including complex digital modulation, input signal power detection, and gain, phase, and offset compensation. The MoreRead more

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  • AD9139- 16-Bit, 1600 MSPS, TxDAC+ Digital-to-Analog Converter

    The AD9139 is an 16-bit, high dynamic range digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that provides a maximum update rate of 1600 MSPS, permitting multicarrier generation up to the Nyquist frequency. The AD9139 TxDAC+® includes features optimized for wide band communications applications, including 1× and 2× interpolation, a DLL based high speed interface, sample error detection, and parity detection. A MoreRead more

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