Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) & Modulators

DDS (direct digital synthesis ICs) from Analog Devices are world-leading and incorporate various features (on board comparators, RAM, PLLs, mixers and registers), making them ideal agile frequency synthesizer solutions in systems from communications to test equipment and radar.


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    Circuits from the Lab (CftL)

    CN-0217: High Accuracy Impedance Measurements Using 12-Bit Impedance Converters

    CN-0186: Phase Coherent FSK Modulator

    CN-0156: Amplitude Control Circuit for AD9834 Waveform Generator (DDS)

    CN-0121: Synchronizing Multiple AD9910 1 GSPS Direct Digital Synthesizers

    CN-0109: Low Jitter Sampling Clock Generator for High Performance ADCs Using the AD9958/AD9858 500 MSPS/1GSPS DDS and AD9515 Clock Distribution IC

    DDS User Guides

    UG-364: Evaluating the AD5933 1 MSPS, 12-Bit Impedance Converter Network Analyzer

    UG-313: Evaluating the AD9832 45 mW Power, 3 V to 5.0 V, 25 MHz Programmable Waveform Generator

    UG-319: Evaluating the AD9835 200 mW Power, 5 V,50 MHz CMOS Complete DDS

    UG-272: Evaluating the AD9833 Low Power 12.65 mW, 2.3 V to 5.5 V, Programmable Waveform Generator

    UG-268: Evaluating the AD9838 11 mW Power, 2.3 V to 5.5 V, 75 MHz Complete DDS

    UG-269: Evaluating the AD9837 Low Power, 8.5 mW, 2.3 V to 5.5 V, Programmable Waveform Generator

    UG-266: Evaluating the AD9834 20 mW Power, 2.3 V to 5.5 V, 75 MHz Complete DDS

    UG-208: Evaluation Board User Guide for AD9957

    UG-207: Evaluation Board User Guide for AD9910

    DDS Application Notes

    AN-1108: AD9832/AD9835 Programming Examples

    AN-1044: Programming the AD5932 for Frequency Sweep and Single Frequency Outputs

    AN-1070: Programming the AD9833/AD9834

    AN-953: Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) with a Programmable Modulus

    AN-0996: The Advantages of Using a Quadrature Digital Upconverter (QDUC) in Point-to-Point Microwave Transmit Systems

    AN-924: Digital Quadrature Modulator Gain

    AN-1053: AD5933 Evaluation Board Example Measurement

    AN-0982: The Residual Phase Noise Measurement

    AN-280: Mixed Signal Circuit Techniques

    AN-922: Digital Pulse-Shaping Filter Basics

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Direct Digital Synthesis

Part# # ChanMaster Clock (MHz)Resolution (Bits)Fs IoutTuning Word Width (bits)REF Clock MultiplierI/O InterfaceCompliance Range (V)Automotive QualifiedNominal Supply (V)Power DissipationUS Price 1000-4999
AD91021180MHz14bit8mA24bitNo3-Wire Serial1V-Single(+1.8), Single(+3.3)96.54mW $12.35
AD91064180MHz12bit8mA24bitNo3-Wire Serial1V-Single(+1.8), Single(+3.3)315mW $15
AD991413.5GHz12bit20mA32bitYesParallel500mV-Single(+1.8), Single(+3.3)- $135.58
AD991512.5GHz12bit20mA32bitYesParallel500mV-Single(+1.8), Single(+3.3)- $108.38
AD9837116MHz10bit3mA28bitYesSerial800mV-Single(+2.3 to +5.5)- $1.65
AD9838116MHz10bit3mA28bitYesSerial800mV-Single(+2.3 to +5.5)11mW $2.1
AD9912Reference Circuit Available11GHz14bit20mA48bitYesSerial500mV-Multi(+1.8, +3.3)- $37.7
AD9913Reference Circuit Available1250MHz10bit4.6mA32bitYesParallel800mV-Single(+1.8)- $9.77
AD9910Reference Circuit Available11GHz14bit20mA32bitYesParallel500mV-Single(+1.8), Single(+3.3)- $35.33
AD995711GHz14bit20mA32bitYesSerial500mV-Multi(+1.8, +3.3)- $21.25
AD9911Reference Circuit Available1500MHz10bit10mA32bitYesSerial1.8V-Single(+1.8)351mW $15.69
AD5932150MHz10bit-24bitYesSerial--Single(+2.3 to +5.5)40mW $4.15
AD5930150MHz10bit3.1mA24bitNoSerial800mV-Single(+2.3 to +5.5)40mW $6.38
AD5933Reference Circuit Available116.776MHz12bit-27bit-Serial--Single(+5)- $6.73
AD9958Reference Circuit Available2500MHz10bit10mA32bitYesSerial2.3V-Multi(+1.8, +3.3)- $20.48
AD5934Reference Circuit Available116.776MHz12bit-27bit-Serial--Single(+2.7), Single(+5)- $4.4
AD9959Reference Circuit Available4500MHz10bit10mA32bitYesSerial2.3V-Multi(+1.8, +3.3)- $37.59
AD99561400MHz14bit10mA48bitNoSerial2.3V-Multi(+1.8, +3.3)400mW $17.45
AD98591400MHz10bit20mA32bitYesSerial2.05V-Multi(+1.8, +3.3)171mW $10.97
AD99511400MHz14bit10mA32bitYesSerial2.05V-Multi(+1.8, +3.3), Single(+1.8)171mW $13.9
AD99521400MHz14bit10mA32bitYesSerial2.05V-Multi(+1.8, +3.3), Single(+1.8)171mW $15.68
AD99531400MHz14bit10mA32bitYesSerial2.05V-Multi(+1.8, +3.3), Single(+1.8)171mW $14.92
AD9954Reference Circuit Available1400MHz14bit10mA32bitYesSerial2.05V-Multi(+1.8, +3.3), Single(+1.8)220mW $17.45
AD9858Reference Circuit Available11GHz10bit40mA32bitYesParallel3.8V-Multi(+3.3, +5)2.5W $45.66
AD9833125MHz10bit3mA28bitNoSerial650mVYesSingle(+2.3 to +5.5), Single(+2.5), Single(+2.7), Single(+3), Single(+3.3), Single(+3.6), Single(+5)27.5mW $4
AD9834Reference Circuit Available175MHz10bit3mA28bitNoSerial800mV-Single(+2.3 to +5.5), Single(+2.5), Single(+2.7), Single(+3), Single(+3.3), Single(+3.6), Single(+5)40mW $5.01
AD98571200MHz14bit20mA-YesSerial1V-Single(+3.3)2W $17.31
AD98521300MHz12bit20mA48bitYesParallel1V-Single(+3.3)3.2W $22.77
AD98542300MHz12bit10mA48bitYesParallel1V-Single(+3.3)4.2W $25.81
AD98561200MHz12bit10mA12bitYesParallel1.5V-Single(+3)1.6W $17.19
AD98511180MHz10bit20mA32bitYesParallel1.5V-Single(+3), Single(+3.3), Single(+3.6), Single(+5)650mW $13.56
AD9835150MHz10bit4mA32bitNoSerial1.35V-Single(+5)200mW $5.82
AD9832125MHz10bit4mA32bitNoSerial1.35V-Single(+3.3), Single(+3.6), Single(+5)120mW $5.06
AD9831125MHz10bit4mA32bitNoParallel1.5V-Single(+3.3), Single(+3.6), Single(+5)120mW $6.33
AD9830150MHz10bit20mA32bitNoParallel1V-Single(+5)300mW $11.08
AD98501125MHz10bit20mA32bitNoParallel1.5V-Single(+3.3), Single(+5)480mW $12.14
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