Clock and Data Recovery/Retiming

Analog Devices provides discrete-rate, multi-rate and continuous-tuning clock and data recover ICs for equipment designs, including metro, long haul, DWDM, and FSO applications. ADI's CDRs allow easy integration into protocol agnostic applications automatically locking onto incoming data streams at any rate between 12.3 Mbps to 2.7 Gbps without the aid of a reference clock while reporting the acquired data rate over the I2C® interface.

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Clock and Data Recovery/Retiming

Part# Voltage Supply (V)Max Data RateInput Sensitivity (mVp-p)Jitter Gen (mUI rms)Jitter ToleranceJitter TransferRateReference ClockCurrent Noise Density
ADN29131.2V-200mV p-p0.044-----
ADN2915--200mV p-p0.076-----
ADN28553.3V1.25Gbps100mV p-p-1.0 @ 65 kHz-SingleX-
ADN28053.3V1.25Gbps200mV p-p---Single--
ADN28173.3V2.7Gbps5mV p-p11.0 @ 1 MHz500 kHz @ OC48ContinuousOptional-
ADN28183.3V2.7Gbps200mV p-p11.0 @ 1 MHz500 kHz @ OC48ContinuousOptional-
ADN28043.3V622Mbps3mV p-p11.0 @ 250 kHz71 kHz @ OC12SingleOptional-
ADN28063.3V622Mbps200mV p-p11.0 @ 250 kHz71 kHz @ OC12SingleOptional-
ADL5315Reference Circuit Available---------
ADN28133.3V1.25Gbps6mV p-p11UI @ 637 kHz71 kHz @ OC12ContinuousOptional-
ADN28153.3V1.25Gbps200mV p-p11.0 @ 250 kHz71 kHz @ OC12ContinuousOptional-
ADN28163.3V675Mbps200mV p-p11.0 @ 250 kHz71 kHz @ OC12ContinuousOptional-
ADL5317Reference Circuit Available---------
ADN28913.3V3.2Gbps4mV p-p------
ADN28923.3V4.25Gbps3mV p-p------
ADN28903.3V3.2Gbps3mV p-p------
ADN28123.3V2.7Gbps6mV p-p11.0 @ 1 MHz490 kHz @ OC48ContinuousOptional-
ADN28073.3V622Mbps4mV p-p11.0 @ 250 kHz140 kHz @ OC12MultiX-
ADL5310Reference Circuit Available5V--------
ADL5306Reference Circuit Available5V--------
AD8305Reference Circuit Available5V--------
ADN28113.3V2.7Gbps4mV p-p21.0 @ 1 MHz590 kHz @ OC48SingleX-
ADN28193.3V2.7Gbps4mV p-p21.0 @ 1 MHz590 kHz @ OC48MultiX-
AD8304Reference Circuit Available5V--------
AD8085V622Mbps4mV p-p70.6 @ 250 kHz333 kHzSingle--
AD8075V155Mbps2mV p-p51.0 @ 65 kHz92 kHzSingle--
AD8005.5V156Mbps80mV p-p-.9 UI @ 65 kHz----
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