Video Encoders

Analog Devices, leader in the development of Multi-Format TV and Video Encoders, has a range of ICs suitable for consumer and professional applications. From handsets to high-end DVD-R, the ADV717x and ADV73xx family of digital video encoders output multiple analog formats conforming to international SDTV & HDTV video standards. 8- to 14-bit DAC options offer designers flexibility and performance, meeting the most demanding product requirements.

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Video Encoders

Part# # DACResolution (Bits)Pixel InputsMax OversamplingDigital RGB InputMacrovision Anti-Taping
ADV7340612bit30297MHzED, HD, SDYes
ADV7341612bit30297MHzED, HD, SDNo
ADV7342611bit24297MHzED, HD, SDYes
ADV7343611bit24297MHzED, HD, SDNo
ADV7390Reference Circuit Available310bit8297MHzNoYes
ADV7391Reference Circuit Available310bit8297MHzNoNo
ADV7392Reference Circuit Available310bit16297MHzSDYes
ADV7393Reference Circuit Available310bit16297MHzSDNo
ADV7344614bit30297MHzED, HD, SDYes
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Analog Input Encoders

Part# Max OversamplingAnalog Output FormatsInput StandardInput FormatVoltage Supply (V)
AD72317.7MHzComposite, S-Video-Analog RGB3V
AD72517.7MHzComposite, S-Video-Analog RGB5V
AD72417.7MHzComposite, S-Video-Analog RGB5V
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Video DACs

Part# # DAC OutputsResolution (Bits)Sampling RateDigital RGB InputsWidest Temp Range (°C)
ADV7125Reference Circuit Available38330MSPS3x10 bit-40 to +85
ADV7123310330MSPS3x10 bit-40 to +85
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