ADV7612 and ADV7511 Evaluation Board

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This is a board for evaluating the combination the HDMI RX ADV7612 and HDMI TX ADV7511. It has dual HDMI inputs and HDMI output. There is a Blackfin BF524 on the board which is a controller and can be used to do audio processing between input and output. The video and audio bus is jumper-able so any of the parts can be evaluated by themselves or with customer hardware in between. Evaluation software is available. The "P" version contains no HDCP keys and can be ordered by anyone. The non-"P" version can only be ordered by HDCP licensees. This board can also be used to evaluate the ADV7611 and ADV7513. Documentation on how to alter jumpers and Scripts are available that will make ADV7612 work like ADV7611 and ADV7511 work like ADV7513.



Get support for this product in the Video Products Evaluation Support Community on EngineerZone.

Complete documentation can be found on EngineerZone.

See Software & Tools for evaluation software and the Blackfin USB Driver.


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ADV7612 and ADV7511 Evaluation Board
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EVAL-ADV7612-7511 Status: Contact ADI Blackfin-based evaluation board with ADV7612 (with HDCP keys) and an HDMI transmitter ADV7511 $199.00 Yes -
EVAL-ADV7612-7511P Status: Production Blackfin-based evaluation board with ADV7612-P (without HDCP keys) and an HDMI transmitter ADV7511 $199.00 Yes -

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