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AD7713:  CMOS, Low Power 24-Bit Sigma-Delta, Signal Conditioning ADC with Matched RTD Current Sources

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The AD7713 is a complete analog front end for low frequency measurement applications. The device accepts low level signals directly from a transducer or high level signals (4 × VREF ) and outputs a serial digital word. It employs a sigma-delta conversion technique to realize up to 24 bits of no missing codes performance. The input signal is applied to a proprietary programmable gain front end based around an analog modulator. The modulator output is processed by an on-chip digital filter. The first notch of this digital filter can be programmed via the on-chip control register allowing adjustment of the filter cutoff and settling time.

The part features two differential analog inputs and one single-ended high level analog input as well as a differential reference input. It can be operated from a single supply (AVDD and DVDD at +5 V). The part provides two current sources which can be used to provide excitation in three-wire and four-wire RTD configurations. The AD7713 thus performs all signal conditioning and conversion for a single, dual or three-channel system.

The AD7713 is ideal for use in smart, microcontroller-based systems. Gain settings, signal polarity and RTD current control can be configured in software using the bidirectional serial port. The AD7713 contains self-calibration, system calibration and background calibration options and also allows the user to read and to write the on-chip calibration registers.

CMOS construction ensures low power dissipation and a hardware programmable power-down mode reduces the standby power consumption to only 150 µW typical. The part is available in a 24-pin, 0.3 inch wide, plastic and hermetic dual-in-line package (DIP) as well as a 24-lead small outline (SOIC) package.


  • Charge Balancing ADC
    - 24 Bits No Missing Codes
    - ±0.0015% Nonlinearity
  • Low-Pass Filter with Programmable Filter Cutoffs
  • Ability to Read/Write Calibration Coefficients
  • Bidirectional Microcontroller Serial Interface
  • 3-Channel Programmable Gain Front End
    - Gains from 1 to 128
    - 2 Differential Inputs
    - 1 Single-Ended High Voltage Input
  • Single-Supply Operation
  • Low Power (3.5 mW typ) with Power-Down Mode (150 µW typ)

Functional Block Diagram for AD7713


Title Content Type File Type
AD7713: LC2MOS, Loop-Powered Signal Conditioning ADC Data Sheet  (Rev D, 03/2004) (pdf, 362 kB) Data Sheets PDF
AN-311: How to Reliably Protect CMOS Circuits Against Power Supply Overvoltaging  (pdf, 217 kB) Application Notes PDF
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AN-615: Peak-to-Peak Resolution Versus Effective Resolution  (pdf, 70 kB)
This application note describes effective resolution and peak-to-peak resolution and highlights the difference between these two specifications.
Application Notes PDF
AN-397: Electrically Induced Damage to Standard Linear Integrated Circuits:  (pdf, 149 kB)
The Most Common Causes and the Associated Fixes to Prevent Reoccurrence
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AN-348: Avoiding Passive-Component Pitfalls  (pdf, 931 kB)
The Wrong Passive Component Can Derail Even the Best Op Amp or Data Converter. Here Are Some Basic Traps to Watch For.
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When to Use/How to Use Sigma-Delta ADCs; Continuation of Part 1 Discussion.
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AN-388: Using Sigma-Delta Converters-Part 1  (pdf, 590 kB)
When to Use/How to Use Sigma-Delta ADCs
Application Notes PDF
AN-283: Sigma-Delta ADCs and DACs  (pdf, 1699 kB)
Overview of Sigma-Delta Concepts: Oversampling, Noise Shaping Using the Sigma-Delta Modulator, Digital Filtering and Decimation.
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AN-553: Adjusting the Calibration Coefficients on the AD771X Family of ADCs  (pdf, 221 kB) Application Notes PDF
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MS-2210: Designing Power Supplies for High Speed ADC  (pdf, 327 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Delta-Sigma Rocks RF, As ADC Designers Jump On Jitter
(Electronic Design, 1/12/06)
Technical Articles HTML
Designing and Applying Remote Field Instruments
by Albert O' Grady and Jim Ryan, Analog Devices B.V.
...Good things can come in small packages because of on-chip capabilities
(Control Engineering, September 1998)
Technical Articles HTML
Circuit Suggestions Using Features and Functionality of New Sigma-Delta ADCs Technical Articles HTML
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RAQs index Rarely Asked Questions HTML
Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML

Design Tools,Models,Drivers & Software

Title Content Type File Type
Sigma-Delta ADC Tutorial
An interactive illustration showing the behavior of an idealized sigma-delta A/D converter.
Utilities and Conversions HTML
AD7713 Code Examples Code Examples HTML

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AD7713ANZ Status: Production 24 ld PDIP 24 Ind Tube, 15 $25.17 $19.45 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
AD7713AR-REEL Status: Contact ADI 24 ld SOIC - Wide 24 Ind Reel, 1000 - - N  Material Info PCN/PDN Contact ADI
AD7713AR-REEL7 Status: Last Time Buy 24 ld SOIC - Wide 24 Ind Reel, 400 - $18.88 N  Material Info PCN/PDN Purchase
AD7713ARZ Status: Production 24 ld SOIC - Wide 24 Ind Tube, 31 $26.43 $20.42 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
AD7713ARZ-REEL Status: Production 24 ld SOIC - Wide 24 Ind Reel, 1000 - $20.42 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
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